Martha Stewart broke my heart.. what did I do wrong?

martha steartTo say I was excited would be exaggerating, I was surprised as hell when Martha started to follow me on Pinterest! I hardly even know how to pin pictures there and only have maybe three or four boards. I have a niece just starting out and she has 5000 pins already .. I have maybe 50.

One of my younger nieces and granddaughter helped me start this new endeavor last year but I keep forgetting about it. Putting up pictures of food that I made and food I would like to make and projects that interest me.. I only pin stuff I love.. I am NOT a random pinner!

Martha caused a big kerfuffle (is that even a word) in my life when she appeared. I am NOT a Martha Stewart fan and I am not artsy crafty at all.. I am creative in other ways just not crafts, well.. this can’t be right.. why me?

So then I got really excited and blasted it out for the world to see. My smugness knew no bounds “yes I am on Pinterest..  Martha Stewart is one of my followers” (I only have a couple followers)

When I posted it on a prestigious food forum that I am a member of, I had a naysayer right away thDMDCKZNCthat tried to take me down. “Well do you think Martha Stewart really does her own pinning? Most likely not..  and if she did that one is probably a scam and not the real Martha Stewart site..!” She even used her own computer skills to run it down and said the site was not confirmed to be Marthas!

Not to be discouraged I had a champion on my side and she checked it out as well. She deemed it worthy and also said that “of course Martha does all her own pinning”, she is known for doing all her own stuff.. ! So I did the happy dance and basked in the glory of Martha following little old me.

edibles by choc. s'mores spoons
edibles by choc. s’mores spoons

So this is fodder for my blog, Martha following me and my theory on why she picked me. I made jokes about it and all in all had a good time basking in the glory of Martha. She is dating again (or is she.. see.. I don’t really follow her at all) so I figured she is reading my blog stuff too, on dating and men and love.

Its a jungle out there and, my god, those dating sites are married men magnets and a lot of younger guys looking for older women.. ? I have not found anyone so far but a few possibilities have crossed my path.. very few.. but I digress.

So I don’t pin much to Pinterest mainly because I keep forgetting how to do it. My granddaughter and nieces keep signing me up for these sites and I have different names and passwords for all of them. This is definitely something you need computer savey for or IPhone smarts. (I need a cheat sheet with all my passwords)

Ok now where was I.. oh right, Martha Stewart! I am back home from spending my winter in Arizona. I catered a big fundraising event on Saturday and I decide to run up to my cottage at the lake (I found out my sister is up there). We used to call them cabins but I am somewhat Americanized now.. I still have my phone on farenheight for gods sakes!

My sister has a cottage (I’m really  liking that term.. lol) here and she didn’t make it up once last year ..  I spent the whole summer waiting for her! I was hesitating but decided I needed to make her feel guilty for not showing up last year .. so here I am.

images (4)We are bonding and back into the groove and I decide to stick it to her a little (my smugness about Martha knows no bounds!). See my sister is the crafty one.. she sews and she quilts and she does all that Martha Stewart stuff. Martha would be so proud of her.. and my nieces.. they do all that crafty stuff too!

I open up my Pinterest site so I can show off my famous follower.. (it takes me a bit to figure out how to open it) and voila’ we are on and.. and…. seems she has disappeared.. REALLY.. ? it says I have six followers but only five show up .. see I gained a couple when they found out Martha was following me.

imagesL1M0SI7WWell..  it seems she is a recent deserter because six keeps showing up but only five profiles appear. Well my ambivalent and snotty attitude takes an unexpected nose-dive and I am forlorn  and forsaken.. how could she do this to me.. “Martha.. where did I go wrong???????”

Well.. well.. well.. who knew I would be so devastated? Geeze.. maybe I shouldn’t have written about her or maybe I wasn’t paying attention to my boards or maybe.. maybe.. oh shit.. what is wrong with me anyway? waw… I want her back!!! My sister looks at me and said .. “see.. you shouldn’t have been writing stuff about her.. she read it!”

ah well .. Martha I am sorry .. but what the heck , I didn’t really know why you followed me in the first place .. BUT .. wait until you see the pins I am going to put up next! An amazing gourmet camp meal fundraiser I did on the week-end .. now what is that password again…..

Gourmet camp stew
Gourmet camp stew





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