Mea culpa.. stick needles in my eyes

Yep.. been there done that

So my last blog was about letting myself go.. and I fully intend to follow through with that. Before going to bed I checked my Facebook page and there was my niece reading my blog.. omg! She has a business ‘Motivated Spaces’ and is a professional organizer. My first thought is she’s going to call me out on my sloth-like (look it up) behavior.

My second thought is ‘oh no.. I wrote about the can labels facing ‘outward’ I got that from her page a week or so ago. I thought it was too funny only because my daughter-in-law organized my spices into alphabetical order once. They are two of a kind and we were once all together, in a motorhome, on a road trip to Cold Lake Alberta.

My niece and daughter-in-law were in animated conversation mode the whole time, over some organizational magazines, drooling (well maybe not drooling, salivating.. lol) over plastic stacking tubs. I wish I was kidding but I’m not, the ones that roll in and out under the bed.. I thought I might have to cover the little kids ears.. oh my!

So back to my nightmare, having decided to let all this resolution shit go and enjoy what’s left of my life, a bad nightmare sprang an ‘in my face’ dose of reality at me. I was waiting in line for the bathroom. I do get up in the middle of the night to pee, so that is not unusual. But.. not only did I have to wait in line to use the facilities, but another half hour just to wash my hands!

My son was in this part of my nightmare and he was waiting to wash his hands also, I know.. co-ed bathrooms? Anyway he was giving me a look.. the one that said “nobody wants to hear you whine, mom.” Such a bummer, I had to keep my mouth shut. There is a lesson here too I know, but it escapes me at the moment.. hmmmm.

I was in a place that was teaching us how to eat.. a new wave type of eating plan (note I didn’t say diet.. a taboo word!) First off, I was welcomed in with such a profusion of friendliness (I was by myself in this part). I was given three of those baby-food sized Tupperware containers, then had to stand in line in this big tent.

The tent was very disorganized and people were laughing and sitting on the grass in various stages of eating or getting up to leave or just arriving. It was chaos and everyone assumed I knew what to do.. but I didn’t. I got the drift that we were all learning how to eat a new way.. out of these three little plastic containers for each meal. Well at least I got that right.. and why are we still eating outta plastic anyway, throw them away and replace them with glass.. geez! Even I know that…

I was very frustrated but assured by everyone around me that everything was as it should be, and after-all they were so friendly. The crowds of people were all ages and even some really cute guys, one even looked like Miguel (my secret crush, my guide in Portugal). Portugal was made all the more special for me because of Miguel, he is so smart and so sexy.

Ok.. now where was I? My dream/nightmare is still haunting me, so I sit down to write about it. Stuff comes to me in dreams, they either help me solve a problem or I get inspiration on something I’ve been working on. This one however is a tough one to figure out, but it has to do with my resolutions or lack of them.. I know.

It finally dawns on me.. I used my niece and my daughter-in-law in an unflattering way. This nightmare is my punishment for sure! Now hear this.. for all you organized persons, people like me NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU! We cannot live without you in our lives, we can’t all be slobs.

You give us hope and something to aspire too.. a safe place to land, and especially a clean and organized one.. even your drawers in the bathrooms are clean and organized.. really! I looked…

The little Tupperware containers with food was a direct hit at me to eat healthy.. which I have been doing. Well.. ok, so once I get all this Xmas crap sugar stuff eaten, I’m totally back on track! The widespread chaos was a little harder to figure out but I think I have it now..

We all need order in our lives, some of us cannot function properly without it. I am not one of those people, but I am related to them.. loll. I can seriously let shit go but those of you that can’t, don’t beat yourself up. Here’s my solution for you because I KNOW you suffer as well, a different kind of hell from us slobs, but hell none-the-less.

Nothing in life is free.. I am not adverse to working for what I want. Put some money aside and hire an organizer. Hear me out on this.. to you organizers, take a different approach. Sally has a 100 bucks.. she calls you and you will go in and set up some kinda plan for her. Baby steps.. she sees you’re not the enemy and you are friendly (that is where the friendliness all came in, in my dream).

Sally knows you can’t get everything done on 100 bucks because your time is valuable. You set up a few options for Sally when she has more money and you and her now have a working relationship. You work your way into her life in increments .. little increases. (you didn’t have to look it up.. I did, I had written excrement’s at first, omg!)

I know organizers have sooooo much to share, not just cleaning and organizing but food shopping as well and meals… omg, you and Sally are now best friends… who knew..

To my niece and my daughter-in-law.. mea culpa, you can stick needles in my eyes (thank you for the fodder for my blog) I love you both dearly, I really do. I may be a sloth, BUT I am your sloth :  )

Look up my niece.. she is not only good but she is friendly too.. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  ask for Joelle

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