Censorship.. petty and silly?

untitled (81)Well time to tackle my ousted status on a catering blog that I frequented. This is a blog started by a fellow caterer in the food business. We all helped this person, through advice and pictures and dialog with fellow caterers and chefs, grow her blog into a place we all felt comfortable in.

She put a lot of time and effort into it and I would never take that hard work and effort away from her.. it is something I could never do. It was organized and well run and there for all of us to post and discuss issues we faced, or help we needed in working in the food industry.

Most of us drifted over  from the old ‘Catersource Forum’ well most of us oldtimers.. as this gal set herself up in this new venture. The blog is a take on bees buzzing about a hive and she is the queen bee. We all sorta gravitated to her hive .. with her encouragement .. to be sure. She is the queen bee .. her description.imagesQ2CQZ0O8

See.. our forum on Catersource had lost it’s moderator (whom we all came to respect) and afterwards it kinda died somewhat, from neglect I think. I really am uncertain about what happened, but the advice received there, helped me build our catering business through-out the years. I know it helped many others as well, along with the Catersource conferences in Vegas.

Well being a Queen Bee Buzzie cannot be easy, please note that I am not being disrespectful here, she has a stuffed bee, backpack bee and bee paraphilia all over her  site. The bee accessories worn at the Catersource conferences cannot be missed in a crowd! A little dorky maybe but most of us willingly posed for pictures with her.imagesJLTU6ENE

So queen bee has total control on who can be on her site. This site is useful to all , young and old , or just starting out or if you have been there done that. We learn from each other. Now I need to say here that the Catersource forum is also still going and the The International Caterers association.. ICA.. also has a forum for likeminded as well, called The ICA roundtable.imagesJ2V07E9D

Queen Bee does not take kindly to vendors hawking their wares on her site.. and makes short thrift of them.. ‘poof’ they’re gone. Which is understandable, they didn’t contribute to any of our hard earned experience in this crazy business nor did they help by sharing advice and pictures to those who need guidance or inspirationon through-out the years..

Being the creative lot we are, one of us .. well two, counting me have invented a product we can sell. My product is not ready and the other is an edible spoon. Well some other caterers have stuff too that they promote especially at  Xmas like candies fruit, nuts and chocolates .. cookies.. well you get the idea.

Just so happens.. edible spoon guy invites me to help him at this years Catersource tradeshow and.. I also enter my new invention in the The Next  Bright Idea contest. I invented an adult invisible bib.bright idea photo

So edible spoon guy, who is an award winning Chef and  published author and is also responsible for so many amazing pictures and advice on the buzzy blog, is unceremoniously dumped when he announces a whole new line of miniature spoons AND a KOSHER line as well as a GLUTTEN FREE line too , on Queen bees site.jack and i at tradeshow booth

His pictures and advice remain on the site but he went ‘poof’!  All this does not really register with me until I get dumped as well for letting everyone know where I will be and what I am doing at Catersource 2015 in Las Vegas.

Well..at first I was stunned and disappointed, then it came to my attention that all of the management of the ICA ..  AND the management of Catersource were unceremoniously dumped from there as well. My spoon guy happens to be on the Catersource management team and maybe I am guilty by association. (rumors only so who knows?)images (91)

Crux of matter may have something to do with her and Catersource (rumors only..), I think I got caught in the cross fire.The upshot is that she has rid her site of so many talented and inspiring education based Chefs and Authors and award winning members of various associations, ICA included. All unceremoniously.. eliminated from her site.. no warning no explanations.

Ok .. here is where I come in. Many welcomed me to the ICA round table forum .. where I now post freely without  the  threat being blacklisted or censored. There are no bullies here. Now it just so happens that Queen Bee decided to post something on the ICA Roundtable forum, on a thread of a talented chef that she had kicked off of her own site!

Now if I was complacent before.. I’m not anymore.. !!!! People that censor and bully other people and then expect all the rights afforded to everyone else when they go over the line to poke us yet again..  need to be called out.images (95)

I am but a small cog, but when you censor and bully people and get away with it (and this happened to involve me) well I have nothing to lose by calling her out! If this was my child I would do the same thing! Some think this is petty and beneath me and I say.. oh no.. you don’t know me!

Hurt me once shame on you.. hurt me twice (or my friends).. shame on me.. but not this time!! I am here to tell everyone that what she did was wrong, wrong.. wrong! She needs to take all of our posts and advice and the wealth of pictures (a lot of them copyright) off of her site immediately!

OR .. she needs to apologize and put us all back on. I believe we all deserve respect .. which is not what we were shown for all our dedication and commitment in helping others.

Petty and silly … hmmm …. have YOU been censored lately?








2 thoughts on “Censorship.. petty and silly?

  1. Loved it! You’re right on. Loved all of the illustrations and quotes.

    1. Although this involves you too Jack, and thank you btw, it addresses a bigger issue! Censorship and bullying, one gal did not want to put up a picture of her and I together on the ‘hive blog’ because she feared exclusion also from said ‘blog’. If you want to put a stop to this form of censorship and bullying then share it with your friends on your page.. unless you fear exclusion as well. (it happened to me.. and you know what.. it CAN happen to you too) lordy, lordy I am not a bad person and I sure thought I was helping some with my 30 years of catering business acumen.

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