can you get it from a toilet seat?

Its Sunday March 15th 2020 and the world is pretty close to a lock-down. How many of us could have imagined the scenario taking place right now? The confusion is real here in Yuma Az where I am spending my winter months. My journey back home to Canada will be much sooner than planned and I will feel much safer once home.

I am the poster ‘old person’ that this virus is gonna kill off.. My jokes about my younger age will not sway the virus. The mis-information about covid 19 is as epic as my age, though. The answers we seek, are just so varied and confusing, its  hard to know for sure how to nail this down.

The world as we know it is about to change for all of us. How we deal with this will go down in the history books, I think. Pay attention everyone this could get ugly. We can make the best of it, or we can blame the republicans or the democrats. Sorry.. that was my American joke, but know this for sure.. the president here has not handled this well and his leadership abilities are, quite frankly, questionable.

We need responsible, intelligent and farsighted leaders to get us through this and moving forward into the future. We will need to change our ways as well, and I truly believe this. We are wasteful, live for today, human beings, trashing our planet at an alarming rate.. that includes me.

Mother nature has a way of counterbalancing her world. Too many rabbits, well the fox population increases.. you get the picture right? Too many humans dumping garbage in her oceans? Well ..  send a virus to kill off the old people on those cruise ships, as a warning to the younger ones to start getting it right!

I am making light of this, but writing about it helps me cope. I’m scared, not of death, but I just don’t want to die from a stupid virus.. hit me with a truck or a bus, please. This is something, that how we handle it, will determine our future as responsible caretakers of OUR world.. OURS, especially our children.

This may be mother natures wake-up call, we had to know this was coming.. right? How could you not know, unless you are young and think you are going to live forever and someone else will take care of the world. Well sweeties we didn’t do a very good job of caretaking our planet, in fact we are the ones that trashed it .. mea culpa.

So maybe this is our punishment, ya.. an aha moment just hit me! “I’m going to get rid of all you old bastards that treated me like garbage” (that’s mother nature talking) just sayin. She’s scolding all the men of course, because they make the mess and us women have to always clean it up.. just sayin.

When my son pushed me to fly here, I looked at him and said that the trip to Europe last fall, was enough planes for me for a long, long time. I always get sick when I fly and when I get sick, I am down for the count, no bouncing back for me. Sometimes I even wish I was dead, I’m sorry but being sick for me is the worst.. it just is.

Btw.. I think mother nature also throws illness at us once in awhile because we get too cocky, and don’t appreciate our good health when we have it. We come out of sickness saying “omg, it feels so good to be alive” .. am I right?

My pet peeve is that I think everyone should wear masks when flying. This now begs another question in my mind, would this pandemic have been as bad if everyone wore masks when flying? Well that is just stupid, because then you have all us old cruisers, we love to travel! And there-in lies the reason for our demise first..

So there you have it, my Sunday perspective on what’s happening, how it happened and why, and how the hell are we going to cope with all this?

I don’t know the answer to the toilet seat thingy, but for damn sure don’t touch your face after, ok? Wash your hands is a given and please lay off buying up all the toilet paper. That’s just stupid, visit your grandparents and clean them out.. we’re not gonna need it where we’re going….

just sayin..