HAAEID.. half assed at everything I do (is this you?)

I started washing the dishes and decided to clean a space on my counter to accommodate them all, because I ‘saved up’ my dishes. (read.. no dishwasher here) I came upon the loose nail I found somewhere (saving it to hang a picture I bought in November) and decided I may as well finally hang that picture in my bedroom. While there I eyed my sheets geez.. they really need washing!

The picture is hung and I take the hammer back into the kitchen so I can finish washing the dishes, hmmmm..  I remember my sheets! So back to the bedroom and grab the sheets and throw them in the washer. As I stuffed sheets into the washer the broom resting against the machine falls to the floor and so I picked it up and started sweeping.

The utility room leads to the kitchen and that floor along with the living room also needs sweeping. While sweeping I spot something that needs wiping. This leads to a couple more spots that need wiping and now I am working up a sweat.. I look at the clock and think gee, I am hungry.

So I sit down here by my computer, at the kitchen table because I am literally wet with sweat. I survey the landscape and think wow.. everything is still a mess! The floor is half assed, dishes are only started, bedroom is now tousled. The thought occurs to me that my mind goes in a hundred different directions and I need to start one thing then finish it!

BUT NO, that is not my way, maybe I have A.D.D. Attention Deficit Disorder,  Hmmm.. I should blog about that, so here I am. Trying not to notice my sink full of dishes with the water going cold, they can wait, I need coffee. As I make coffee I notice more dirty spots on floor and since I left the wet rag on floor.. may as well swipe at a few more spots.

There now.. put the coffee pod in and press brew, ok.. so I do up the silverware while waiting for the coffee. That done I remember washer and go to transfer the sheets to the dryer.. and here I discover a BONUS.. The bathing suit I have been looking for this past week is in the dryer!

I looked on every doorknob and under the clothes on two chairs, I even looked in my bathing suit drawer on the off chance I may have put it away properly. Back to the bedroom and I throw my bathing suit onto the bed, while there I scoop up some clothes for another wash.

As I walk back with the armful of clothes I see more spots that need wiping on my hallway floor. I steel myself and keep going! With that load in, I remember my coffee, grab it and come back to my computer. BUT.. as I’m writing this, dam.. did I turn on that dryer.. hmmm I was so excited to find my errant bathing suit..

Whew.. dryer turned on and utility floor washed.. I know, dishes are done too! And here I am sweating again, well the stove needed a wipedown and the coffee pot was in need of some love and attention. Thank goodness my coffee is still hot.. sorta (thank you ‘Contiga’ mugs).

Fast forward.. a visit from a friend and a couple beers and that took care of yesterdays goings on. Here I am back at my computer to hopefully finish this blog. I didn’t really finish anything yesterday, except the dishes and some laundry. Chicago PD took up my whole evening.. a binge watch, I don’t do anything normal it seems.

This blog needs to have an ending, I muse.. as I pick up my tweezers and look for rogue hairs on my face. Checking the time I see that it is almost noon and I only just finished my late breakfast. A card game at the clubhouse is on my agenda in an hour.

I still need to change out of my damp bathing suit from the pool aqua-fit this morning, but I was interrupted to do a haircut..(a walk-in haircut.. I owned several hair salons in my first life). I had also forgotten about my warmed up breakfast in the micro-wave, which is now in my belly. There.. errant hairs looked after..

Now where was I … oh right, card game, ok gotta go..

The end