living in a glass jar.. my foray into blogging (my very first blog-post)

I’ve decided I like writing about everyday life, some friends and family have encouraged me to keep writing. I will provide names upon request. Writing home about my travels amused them, so of course this was all I needed to start me on blogging. This is a cross between writing about myself and whining about my life, both of which I am perfectly and abundantly capable of doing.
So here goes my first ‘REAL BLOG’ (this predates ‘my-thirdlife’)
Those that know me, know I blurt out stuff all the time. Sometimes I just need to ‘get it out’ maybe I’m pondering a dilemma, or some sort of problem, writing it down clarifies this. Sometimes I find my own answers.
  I am open minded and much more tolerant of EVERYTHING in my old age. Stuff that used to annoy or bug me still does, but it just doesn’t really matter anymore. Unless of course it is stupidity (from which I am not immune) and racism. Being outspoken, a trait that runs in our family, can be a good thing or bad, depends on whose reading it I guess.
 I don’t judge people based on colour, race, religion, gender, sexuality, size or ability. I base it on weather or not they are an asshole.
Please be forewarned that nothing is sacred either and I really am curious about everything. Being married for forty years and now living the single life has me pondering everything. Relationships in particular, my friends, family and of course men, mentally and physically, be forewarned again.
Having lost three of my siblings, as well as my parents, makes me fully aware of my own mortality. The hype about living in the present is really true. Losing those that should be outliving me, makes me humble. I now live in the present but that can have a downside as well. Making plans for future events with friends and family can be problematic, see.. I don’t want to miss that cheap last minute flight to Cuba! I have priorities now that I’m single.

I also have no illusions here about being rich and famous or even being thin. My weight is here to stay, really? See what comes out onto the page.. darn. Lastly loving yourself can be the hardest part, well sometimes loving yourself can be really good, ok its not like I didn’t forewarn you. Being a grown-up isn’t always easy either. Lets face it, how many of us know what we want to be when we grow up? I am still searching, and when I am really sick all I want is my mommy, some things never change.

 I am not sure how many of you have been reading my journal of the last trip my girlfriend and I just got back from, but I have a little update on that cold and cough that had me wanting to shoot myself and girlfriends offer to buy the gun. I wrote about a persistent cough that had me coughing all night sometimes. Having to leave some showrooms on our cruise because of this.
 Once home, first thing is to make a doctors appointment, I am assuming a dose of antibiotics to get rid of this cold once and for all. I actually get in to see him right away and he sends me for a chest x-ray and I know all this congestion is going show up!  He calls me next day really late, well turns out the x-ray is clear. So I ask him wtf ? (only not so harsh)  He says he’s taking me off of the blood pressure meds I have been taking for years. I challenge him on this, this is NOT a dry cough, is has just turned into that recently because I have been coughing up crap for over a month now.
 I don’t take well to any pills, but I have been taking these for years with no side effects, famous last words. Even ibuprofen is used sparingly, I have been taking that more than usual because of a niggling back pain I have been experiencing. Anyway he says “do you want to keep coughing?” This shuts me up, ya I know, he gets tired of listening to me too, so he wants me to come in.
I get off the phone and immediately google ramipril, my meds I’ve been taking. I see I have six out of nine of the side effects that this drug could cause. Jesus, I only went in for the cough/cold. I didn’t tell him about the back pain or the dizziness, which I attributed to the ship. My sore throat has been off and on, the headaches which were sporadic and the fatigue. I need to have a nap in the afternoon most days and sometimes these little naps turn into 2 and 3 hour sleeps. Then there is the confusion, omg now I have ALL the symptoms hah! Thank goodness I don’t have the rash. This makes me wonder about how many people are walking around sick and don’t realize it could be their meds that are making them sick?
Remember that rash? Well I awoke next morning itchy and scratching and think what is this? Red raised bumps like mosquito bites all over me, wtf. I am not making this up or exaggerating. I have these bites all over me and I am in my own special hell. So my trip to the doctor has us debating, not a rash or maybe from the hot tub, I tend to disagree with that one.  He gives me a prescription for some cream to ‘sooth’ the itch, a recommendation for ‘Reactine’ which holds down the itch factor considerably. I think these are sand flea bites from Roatan in the Honduras, we were snorkeling there a week earlier. They have only now come into ‘bloom’. I text my girlfriend and she is doing the itchy scratchy thing as well. This seems weird that they show up a week later but I google it, seems it’s a well kept secret there. So I have new meds, a dose of ‘Reactine’ in me and I am armed with ‘itch cream’ talk about living in the present!
 What was my lesson here?  Don’t overlook the obvious, never assume anything and hopefully if someone else is reading this and suffering some of these symptoms (and I feel like I have been sick for close to a year now with one symptom or another) maybe it can save someone else some misery. Oh, and always google it, it’ll drive your doctor crazy, because then he has to explain away all the mis-information you have been accumulating on google. Hmmmmmm also don’t get caught up in all the symptoms, the more symptons I read about, the more I had, it happens :  )
ok…I’m done
If you enjoyed this, well maybe that is too strong a feeling. Hmmmmm if my writing didn’t annoy you too much, I will be encouraged to keep writing if you press the like button. I will not solicit, stalk or badger you in any way, shape or form. Well ok, I’ll also try not to write about you, how’s that?