letter to the editor Published October 28 2021 Regina Leader Post

Dying in Saskatchewan, Scott Moes folly

Are we now officially a third-world province? We are not only shipping our own ICU patients to Ontario hospitals, but many more needing treatments in ICU here are not getting it.  Most surprising of all is the reporting of our healthcare system being broken down and reports of patients being treated in closets, according to CTV.

This is totally unacceptable, even though we are in a red situation everything is still open for business here. I’m not a fan of masks and lockdowns but I complied with everything asked of us to battle this virus. What in the hell happened to cause this monster to come back at us with such a vengeance? I actually trusted our provincial government to make the right decisions and I was even a little smug about our little corner of the world here.  I didn’t think we should open up so soon but I am not an expert and sometimes we need to trust the powers that be.

This place we are in right now should never have happened.. period! I have been content with how the government in Saskatchewan ‘The Saskatchewan Party’ has handled the running of our province. Brad Wall was exceptional and I would have voted for him to run our country even. Scott Moe has lost all of my confidence over this fourth wave and rightly so.  The number one priority should have been to keep us all safe, even if we were unhappy, better that than dead.