my ‘seventies’ are catching up to me ‘literally’

My ‘seventies’ are catching up to me ‘literally’

I’m a late bloomer, I am also a baby boomer but my age is just a number, albeit a high one. It doesn’t define me except to those that look at me and see old. Thank God they can’t see into my brain or my soul because I’m not aging there at all. It is full of questions and curiosity and carnal thoughts of Tom Selleck. I don’t aspire to be anyone else nor do I want to. I’m kinda happy the way I am, as long as I am capable of filtering out all the bullshit about how we are supposed to look, live, dress and feel.  If we don’t know that by our age, then what the hell, give it up already…

Each year I live through now is a bonus. My seventies have thrown me back into the ‘seventies’ without any rules, and how cool is that? Hell, I can even smoke pot out in the open without fear of getting arrested. I have no regrets about giving up smoking though, 15 years now, besides they have these edibles and we don’t need to smoke it, wink wink. No rules for me, other than don’t kill anyone which makes sense, I’d rather torture them with words, I’m kidding of course, or am I?

I sit here at my computer and ponder my life while drinking an instant coffee, remember when we all drank instant? The stale Timbits I bought for my little granddaughter when I babysat last night, is now my breakfast. Her mom has her brainwashed into believing sugar will make you sick and she could be right, that’s why I bought the ones I like, I rest my case. I did manage to coax her into eating one, may I rot in hell, with a belly full of Timbits lol. I’m sure my kids would like to see some changes in me but to be fair there could be a couple of changes I would like them to make, so tit for tat I guess. We’ll call that one a draw.

The only improvements I’d like to see in some could be attitude adjustments and that includes me, except I’ve accepted mine.  We, as a species are all more alike than we are different. The people in hell don’t count nor do aliens and when my time comes I hope Scotty will just beam me up. It’s time we accept ourselves for who we are. The only exception is if you are evil and there is that special place reserved just for you, sorry/not sorry. If we are not happy with our life then may I suggest making a small adjustment starting tomorrow morning? Upon awakening decide on one thing only, and that is to be happy. It may not be that hard and you have nothing to lose, but I am not a therapist, although I am writing a book, lol.

I have lots of shit that can get me down but is it really worth worrying about and besides how can you be sad eating Timbits? By the way, you can’t eat just one unless your mom has brainwashed you, then you can. My point here is lost on me now and this happens a lot with age and well.. maybe the sugar in the Timbits has fogged up my brain. They have a show on TV called ‘This Is Us’ but my message this morning is ‘This Is Me’ and if I like you, then you are perfect to me and don’t need change. Lord knows I’ve read all the self-help books, and watched the improve yourself videotapes, and tried the meditation route. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I’m not so sure if they really made that much of a difference for me.

All the really hard stuff in my life required me to handle it by myself. Of course, it’s never easy but I don’t think a book is going to help unless it maybe brings us peace of mind. A book or tape or self-improvement course will not make you a better person, you are the one that will make the choices or decisions to do that, and more power to you. This brings me to all the cutesy sayings and crappy, sappy stuff on Facebook and all the other social media places where they are proliferating. Lord.. enough already! We get it and personally, I think I’m getting immune to it all. I do make exceptions for the funny ones, especially if they make me laugh, and btw laughter is the best medicine of all, hands down. That’s not to say I don’t own a few wall hangings with inspirational stuff because I’m guilty as well.

The point here is that I’m quite content with my life and if not then I’ll figure out what I’m lacking, other than Tom Selleck. I don’t feel the need to be an example of anything other than myself. Most ‘seventies’ people will get this, if not have yourself a gummy and if you still don’t get it at least you won’t care.

My favorite wall hanging is this:

You are the author of your own life story. So make it a good one.

Copyright October 23rd 2021

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