Kitchen-tales .. no holes barred (warning this is kinda crude.. sorry/not sorry)

It is the end of busy day, we are relaxing with an alcoholic beverage, just the ‘bosses’ of a busy catering company.

We are discussing kitchen antics or more specifically the ‘chatter’ that we girls throw back and forth in the kitchen, and into the universe. Recently I developed a dessert station (it is part of what inspires me, and keeps me here) the creative part of catering is exciting and the challenges keep my brain pumping into overdrive.

I am two generations in on this company, and the girls in the kitchen are barely out of their teens. Being open minded and not afraid to speak out, runs in my family, and I do blurt stuff out. Here-in lies my dilemma, am I an instigator or in any way responsible for what comes outta their mouths????

My dessert station needs a name.. something to define and describe it so we can ‘sell’ it. I am working with donut holes and have skewered some into kabobs to serve warm. Others are piled high into big overblown goblets and ready to be plucked and deposited into appropriate vessels, then covered with various toppings.

This is an interactive and fun station for guests to serve themselves. My call out into the kitchen from my office in the corner “What are we going to name this dessert station” brings me to this mornings blog. So here we go ‘outta the mouths of babes’

Girl number one “dress up your holes here”

Girl number two “cover your balls here”

Both girls get really creative and decide collectively, that one side will be for ‘dressing up your holes’ and the other side will be forcovering up your balls’..

What ensues is a mêlée of in-appropriate discussions on holes and balls.

I am in pain, from laughing so hard and how am I ever going to sell this now? Fast forward to our having an after work drink and dissecting the days events. This turns into the men remarking on the ‘female discussion’ that ensued for the dessert station.

They are telling me they think women are more in-appropriately outspoken, to which I reply “you guys are probably no different than us, when you are by yourselves”. They reply that guys are way more reserved than us. Then it comes out that maybe I am the free-speaker that encourages this …

hmmmmmm….. I donut know and I donut care …

The universe if full of black holes.. just putting that out there…