Ketchikan Alaska (our excellent adventure continues) aboard Diamond Princess

We are awakened by a knock then pounding (well seems like it) , it is our coffee and fruit, room service we ordered for between 7:30 and 8:00 am. How the heck did we sleep this late? Our curtains are closed tight and we are already docked in Ketchikan Alaska. Seems that three hour nap the day before while at sea, sure didn’t cut into our regular sleep uh uh. Ah.. morning coffee , didn’t even have to leave the room.Clark-Mishler_Clark-Mishler-2006-Disc-1-of-3-015Clark-Mishler_DCM20-0401--Welcome-Arch

Ketchikan is like most coastal cities in BC only American and we are in Alaska. The Tongass  National Forrest encompasses over 17million acres and Ketchikan is the ‘salmon capital of the world’.  This place also has the worlds largest collection of totem poles.

We almost get ripped off right off the bat. Guy selling tours tells us it is 18.00 return,  cab ride to Wallmart (I know.. but I am on a mission to buy  runners that don’t hurt my feet) downtown. He calls us a cab (he is a yellow cab driver himself but not available) .

Before the cab arrives a shuttle happens along.. big letters on the side FREE SHUTTLE to WALLMART.. bastard ! We miss that shuttle and decide to bite the bullet and wait for another cab.. but look here comes another shuttle and it is FREE.. going to downtown! We climb in the shuttle and get a free diatrab from the shuttle driver on the evils of cab drivers, with ALL of the expletives.. who hates them and Ketchican as well! He has been here six months and it is dog eat dog and they will slit their own mothers throats to make a buck.. he can’t wait to leave, turns out we can’t wait to leave either.. the shuttle, that is.Clark-Mishler_DCM38-0406--Tall-TotemClark-Mishler_DCM18-0405--Creek-Street-Kayaking

The town is really quaint and picturesque, we are enjoying the walk and the window shopping. Turns out Ketchican is the jewelry capital of the north (well we do have two more stops, so we’ll see if this is true) we can even buy Jade here. One block is side by side jewelry stores, I would estimate that this town of 13,000 people has that many stores well..  ok so I am exaggerating !

Our mantra if we have one, is buy in China.. wait till China.. save ourselves for China.. but it is soooo hard !! Geeze they are so shiny and bright and warm and lovely and.. and.. and. We hit a Tonga store, there are five of them, all selling everything you didn’t know you needed till you seen it.

I find a really great sales gal and she sells me the most comfortable , light , amazing running shoes (they are sketchers on drugs) omg they are comfy. They also have the 25.00 socks that I have bought in Saskatoon.. on sale for 13.00 a pair. I buy both and wear them the rest of the day. We finish our sojourn at a quaint café and have coffee and the best dam fish we have ever tasted , no fish sticks here !Clark-Mishler_DCM19-0502--Arial-View-of-Downtown

The evening finds us meeting our new tablemates (we have given up on anytime dining cause they only give us a table for two and we see each other 24/7 so we want to mix it up a little). We ask the waiter to put us at a lively table and we end up with two couples.

One young couple from Hawaii (she is newly pregnant) and another couple from Los Angelos (he is a pilot, she worked on wall street) they are late forties early fifties (educated guess). They monopolize the whole conversation all evening..  geeze. He knows everything and she is condescending, he truly is a pilot cause he can pile it here and pile it there and he is certainly full of it ! I guess be careful what you wish for!They all get off in Anchorage on Sunday.. not gonna miss rm.. the pilot that is.

The music throbs and I can feel it in my soul, I love music! Two drinks and we are dancing up a storm on the top floor disco. A party of Chinese ladies join us and I help them learn some salsa moves. Later on a Latin group comes in and now the party is really hoppin!

They all want to dance with me , even the women and they ask to take my picture with them.. geeze.. either I am really good or they probably think I am some crazy old lady! Anyway Sharon and I have a blast and my god, it is great excersize ! We tumble into bed a little after midnight.