Diamond Princess.. Cherylle and Sharons excellent adventure (the start)


We snuggled ever deeper into our warm blankets and look at each other and smile that secret smile. You know the one.. it translates into.. omg are we are really doing this? Isn’t this amazing.. omg! or ‘yes, this is how it should be, how cool is this?’  or.. kill me now cause it can’t  get any better !images (23)images7O1T6JNZ

No, we are not lovers, but best friends.. enjoying another cruise to another exotic place that we have never seen. We are on our way to Alaska and will end  up in Beijing aboard the Diamond Princess. The outdoor movie theatre is showing a Tina Turner concert on the huge screen with mega speakers that make my body wanna shake it all over .. and truly do justice to that deep and throaty ‘make ya wanna have sex’  voice.

We feel right there with her onstage instead of ensconced in our cocoons under the stars. Ok.. so it is not under the stars, in fact it is drizzling rain but who cares! We are on the ocean on padded deck chairs wrapped in warm blankets watching a Tina Turner concert performed in London.. omg I am getting Goosebumps I am so thrilled.

I was a little pessimistic about this cruise line (Royal Caribbean is my fav) but this evening is one of those unforgettable memories I will store away to savour again and again. I like this ship already.untitled (17)

We were headed somewhere else when we stumbled onto this deck and this concert and ended up staying the whole evening..  watching ‘The Green Lantern’ movie after the concert. I know.. we would never go to see this same movie at home.. but somehow.. this just seemed right. We just snuggle down deeper and signal an attendant for more blankets when a breeze picks up. They bring us popcorn too.. how cool is that?imagesZ5BG3TS3

We started our journey from Edmonton (driving to Vancouver) in sunshine and after a leisurely breakfast with Sharon’s hubby and her daughter seeing us off. Lexie , my new suv, was as happy as me to get on the road again. It wasn’t long before we encountered rain and turns out she loves to get her feet wet and handled the rain soaked roads like she was born to it. A brief respite in Jasper, a little shopping, and back onto the road headed to Kamloops for the night.

Our hotel was unremarkable except for the restaurant which was named The Beijing.. I am not kidding.. our final stop on our trip is Beijing, too funny. We have a great meal there and even though we are suffering, having eaten too much, we change and go to the pool.

I do twenty laps (ya.. small pool) and decide to live on the wild side and do the waterslide! Turns out it is so exhilarating I need to go down twice to experience that feeling again.. was it fear or was it fun.. hmmmm  (Sharon was not in waterslide mode.)

Ok.. .back to the ship. Well..  it is 8:00 am and I am just waking up. The gym is calling my name but man oh man.. it is slow going. I shower and get ready and Sharon is still sleeping! I jump up and down on my bed (I know.. there’s a scene you wanna flush…lol )while whispering loudly ‘time to wake up’.. ’time to wake up’.. she gets the message.images (20)

We head out to the gym but get sidetracked looking for coffee and then what the heck, we may as well have breakfast! We meet a couple from Italy, she is so happy it is cool out . They have been having a heat wave plus 40 celcius and she is having hot flashes and this coolness is a blessing. We visit and talk some more, the gym call is getting fainter all the time.

We decide to explore the ship a little more and find another three swimming pools and two more hot tubs, hmmm.. looking good but still slightly chilly. The photo gallery has a picture of us boarding and we decide it doesn’t do our true beauty justice ‘who are those old babes in the picture anyway’ beats me!images (21)

Outside an announcement is saying that a humpback whale a couple miles out at one o’clock and for an instant I think ‘how the hell are they gonna get a whale to make an appearance at one o’clock’  it is only 11:00 am. While I ponder this my brain finally kicks in and we scan the ocean for a full 10 minutes looking for this beast.. sigh.. we see  hundreds, the whitecaps are all whales !

We go back inside totally whaleless. By the time we have explored most of the ship it is lunchtime and darn the gym will have to wait! We seem to be heading into really big swells (16 ft) and the ship is rolling pretty good (where the heck are those stabilizers and for god’s sake put them on!). We do manage to eat lunch but now it feels like nap time.

Once we are back in our room the bed falls on us and we are entrapped for a full three hours , while the ship tosses and rolls us into a stupor! But god it was such a good nap. I wake and quietly leave the room and find my way to the gym.. oh yes.. my body rebels a bit but the spa pass after the exercise leaves me refreshed and rested. Life is good, formal night tonight and I need to go get ready.images (25)images (24)

The food here is so good and everything is a temptation. We resist the wine list and also a cocktail, hmmmm this is good so far. Sharon has the filet of beef (she says it is the best she has ever tasted.. ever!)  I massacre a Cornish game hen which was ok (I devour two rolls waiting for it) seems it was noon when we had lunch and it is now 9:30 pm, and I did that work out!

Well no dessert and no alcohol ….maybe we should go get changed and find some excitement somewhere, maybe some dancing (that’s great exercise). First we stop for pictures , we are all dolled up and looking good. Funny thing about those pictures though, those same two old gals keep showing up in our photos.. dam. So it is off to our room where we decide it is too late (11:30 pm) and we are tired, so it’s off to bed.. goodnight! Tomorrow we dock in Ketchikan Alaska!  To be continued…..