“it’ll be fun” they said

“it’ll be fun,” they said…

I think I should get a trophy for lobbing the biggest chunk of grass out of hole whatever, on the Desert Hills golf course.  They have this brown mixture in large plastic bottles in our golf carts to pour onto the dirt patches left behind. We golf on Thursday afternoon latish and if we run out of daylight we quit! I picture all the professional golfers showing up the next morning to a golf course infected with a pox, greens riddled with all these brown patches.

Some of you you know I don’t golf and have never aspired to be a golfer.  Recent events in my life have made me want to explore options I’ve never considered before.  Maybe ‘want’ is a stretch, let us just say getting out of my comfort zone is worth a look. Hitting the ball is half the battle, hell .. it is the whole battle for me.  If I could throw the ball up into the air and swing at it like in softball I would be a star for sure. But they won’t let me do that.  This is a league for ladies and just for fun and that is why I’m still there.

After committing to this league I had real misgivings before even getting here.  My son had dropped off some clubs the ex was getting rid of when he sold his place here.  So at least I had golf clubs until I tried to lift them from my shed.. omg, I had to drag them out.  Here was my chance to get out of this ill-conceived idea that I could golf.  But no, my girlfriend came to my rescue with a lighter golf club bag that I could handle quite easily.  She also helped me pick out some clubs from the monster golf bag that contained clubs from another era.  Ah well, this was just a fun league, right?  (I’m thinking of telling my son that one of the clubs is worth 500 dollars, it is an antique driver.. that will drive my ex nuts, lol) okay, so I digress.

I needed a signature golf shirt with a logo of course.  Shopping for golf shoes (Sketchers my choice) was kinda fun and I picked up the new Sketchers stretch pants.  I should never wear stretch pants but I am supposedly stretching outta my comfort zone, so why not?  If I decide against making my fun league gals’ eyes bleed when I wear them, I will gift them to my daughter, no big deal.  Let’s see, shirt and shoes and clubs, check ..  golfing fee, money for the bar tab before and after, oh and tips, hmmm… I was not driving btw.

I met my team of four and we had two golf carts.  The first thing my new team member said was “I hope you are not one of those serious golfers that take this game seriously?”   Well hallelujah, I have found my people, maybe I can enjoy this after all.  We teed off on hole number three after getting lost trying to find it.  The gals I am with are really encouraging and I don’t feel the least bit intimidated, well.. maybe a little.  The hardest part for me has always been hitting the ball, but finding the right club is also challenging.  I did hit my balls eventually but let us just say the grass took a beating too.  I’m going to start calling this game ‘hit and miss’.

I got to know my golf mates and that was the fun part.  We used the ball closest to the hole to continue our game forward, that was never my ball.  I did get into the groove somewhat when I found a club that I could actually hit the ball with. It was a wood driver and I ended up using it a lot. The girls were very encouraging and accommodating but drew the line at me using it on the greens with the hole and the flag.  Darn.. they must have some sort of rule about that, ah well.. I ended up finding a great putter and tried to use it more, but again those dang rules.

The very best part of this was when I asked what our score was, she looked at me and said “we don’t keep score, this is just for fun” OMG this is getting funner by the hole!  I’m starting to really like this and when we came to a lake in the middle of the course I decided I didn’t want to lose all my balls in it, so I abstained from that one. No problem, they assured me and then the sunset was so beautiful we stopped to take some pictures and a selfie. I think we made it to hole seven but who was counting, definitely not me.

I have a new appreciation for this game and I even feel inclined to maybe take a couple of lessons (they are free). That was my first outing and so far so good.  Someone asked me if I was doing anything this Thursday and I nonchalantly replied “oh I’m  golfing at Desert Hills.” Can you believe it?  me neither …. lol

November 27th 2022