“is it okay if I touch you?”

“Is it okay if I touch you?” he said. In my head, I’m thinking “ooooh baby touch me as much as you want” and I blurt out “sure you can certainly touch me” maybe a bit too enthusiastically. Here’s the thing, just that morning I had put the finishing touches on my blog about my lack of being touched and hugged.  I am not kidding, when those words came out of his mouth my head was spinning.  I’ve always believed that when you put stuff out to the universe, it will eventually come to you.

This was yesterday at my Thursday ‘Ladies Who Golf 4Fun’  weekly event.  My girlfriend and I decided to go early and take a lesson on hitting the balls.  Seeing as how I miss more balls than I hit, I knew a few lessons would be especially helpful if I wanted to keep golfing. Our instructor had an aura about him, you know how some people emanate vibes?  I’m sure I emanate crazy but fun but I strive for positivity. This man just oozed positive vibes and after he touched me I want to say he is sexy as well.  Don’t get me wrong though it was all very appropriate.

After our lesson, we picked up a drink at the bar before heading out to our carts. I sipped on my drink around the course.  The lesson from the sexy golf pro really helped me with hitting my balls but I still managed to displace a lot of grass.  I pulled off a never before seen hit; the ball dribbled off the tee and backward between my legs and came to rest behind me.  I told the gals they should have taken a picture, even I was amazed.  This is only my second time out golfing and already I’m liking it even more, hmmm… perhaps another lesson next week?

I decided to give the lake a try this week (because of said lessons) but it was a wash, lost my ball.  Ah well, another lesson will help for sure, lol.  The gals were encouraging as we made our way around the course, we started at the fifth hole and made it to the ninth as it was getting dark.  One gal even got a birdie, and not the flying kind that was congregating everywhere on the course.  We made it first back to the clubhouse. Everyone at this course and the staff in the clubhouse is really friendly and I’m liking this place even more.

I came with Carla, who lives in the same park as I do, and was paired with Ruth, who also lives in the same park, she is the one that got the Birdie ; )  I had ordered a ‘real Caesar’ to go, starting off from there (sometimes the Americans use tomato juice instead of clamato juice) but they are starting to accommodate us Canadians and our quirks.  Waiting for Carla when we got back, Ruth decided to keep me company. The bartender, who made my Caesar earlier, made me a ‘WooHoo’ drink of vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice.  No one had heard of this drink which was a favorite of mine from a cruise I had taken years earlier.  When Carla showed up she thought it was a weird drink until I let her taste mine and then she ordered one as well.

This golfing gig is really starting to grow on me.  Although only subbing it may turn out full-time because there is always someone needing a sub.  This is fine because I’m retired and making new friends each time out.  If I end up learning to actually golf maybe my kids will invite me to golf with them when we are all at the lake.  This is not likely because it’s usually the guys that go, but now I can at least suggest it.  The bartender ‘Dianne’ mentioned that Eddie was taking over the food services there.  This turns out to be my friend Eddie Guzman, he owns Takos and Beer and also manages the food services at ‘Jullianas’ an upscale unique eating place here in Yuma.  I met Eddie years ago running into him at Smart and Final.

I was an Ambassador for Catersource at their convention in Vegas. This is a big show for chefs and caterers from all over the world and anyone in the serving food industry, upwards of seven to eight thousand people attending was common then.  I thought he would benefit from attending as it served up a wealth of information and experience for anyone starting a business. It was how I grew our catering business to be wildly successful back in Canada. Anyways long story short Eddie couldn’t make it but went forward to make his mark in Yuma, his food is second to none in taste and especially presentation.  The Desert Hills golf course is lucky to get him and I picture myself and my friends out on the patio overlooking the golf course and enjoying Sunday Brunches.

hmmmm I wonder what next week will have in store, and that’s a wrap.

The end…


December 2nd 2022