Hit by a bus..

untitled-95We are always putting our lives on hold .. why do we do that? We do it by saying to ourselves, I will be happy when I win the lottery or lose some weight. Mine was.. having a house with an indoor pool, or even an outdoor pool, THAT never happened!

First off, your chances are better getting struck by lightning, than winning the lottery. Whoever came up with that bright idea probably learned it the hard way, don’t you think? The weight thing.. well name me one woman in your circle of friends that doesn’t want to lose another pound? yep.. I thought so!

The new house with an indoor pool.. well actually I did finally get it. I have an indoor pool at my new condo, a pool man and a yard man.. nice! I also have it all to myself because most are too busy to enjoy it.

What are you putting on hold? Stop and take a break, lets think about this. Are you waiting for your life to get better?What is it you need for that to happen? What about right now.. are you happy.. what about fulfilled? Look around you, are you contributing to happy or adding to misery?untitled-96

Maybe you are wishing your life away? No.. we don’t intentionally wish our life away but when we yearn for something unattainable, well that is exactly what we are doing. Fact is, there is not one person on earth that can live tomorrow.. today!

Changing your life takes courage, and guts.. and it is scary! I want to say it is hard but it really wasn’t that hard.. once you make the decision your life starts to change and get better. Only you know what it takes to do this.

untitled-97Living today seems to be the harder journey here.. fortunately for me an accident intervened to show me the way. Now we can’t all have accidents, (where we think we are going to die).. to make us see the light! But it helped me and I wonder sometimes what if? But I can’t answer that because I can’t change what already happened.

I’m going to make this easier for you.. well I’m assuming I have people reading my blog.. if not I’m still writing this (it’s inside of me and has to get out). Dissecting pieces of life is what intrigues me.. maybe it is the same as what scientists do when they dissect bugs, molecules, germs or even frogs?

We can make our life better right now you know.. don’t you? See.. it is this way, do something you want to do today, allow yourself some slack. Decide right now this very minute that you are going to be happy for the rest of the day. That way if you get hit by a bus tomorrow, you will have died happy!imagesnc4gveg0

So ok, maybe you didn’t think that was funny, but take a minute to think about it.. hell, take as long as you need. So if you ate a whole box of donuts and although I have never done that (four is my limit, ok.. so maybe five, six.. tops!) two people in my family have confessed to doing that, just recently!!

I want to say to you both.. god I hope you enjoyed them and owned it! Remember that bus.. it didn’t give a shit what you ate or if you were happy or sad or even hungry.. it killed you anyway. My point here is that we should start living today, enjoy those donuts!

imagesmxegbmb5Throw away or better yet, flush the negatives ok? They only serve to bring you down, put up a toilet in your brain and when the bad stuff enters.. flush it! Don’t wait til you need to get a plunger either.. replace it with a happy thought. If someone was being mean to you, picture them getting hit by that bus.. ooops ok just kidding.. maybe.

We all have negatives and we all have sorrows.. some carry these with them daily, a heavy burden they have to bear. Give yourself some time everyday if you must, to weep.. set a timer even, then flush it! Get on with living the rest of today and allow yourself to be happy until your next time-out.images02h1wggr

Do you know you can’t change someone else, you can only change yourself? Not me.. it took me forty years to figure that one out! I did make that change though and I chose to live the rest of my life being happy, the accident happened a few months later (no it wasn’t a bus). What the accident made me realize is that I can’t live tomorrow.. so I went out and bought a dozen donuts…

I made that up, but what I did do was book a trip to Europe, I have been exploring the world ever since. I make a conscious effort everyday to be happy.. lets just say I am well aware of that bus!


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