hindsight is 20/20 (letter to the editor published Nov. 3 Star Phoenix)

Leaving 2020 behind will be a lesson we will not soon forget. I’m not even sure if most of us have comprehended how our world has been impacted from this rare occurrence? Maybe the populations from the 1918 flu epidemic have insights, if googled, would I better understand what is to come out of all this? My brain is having a hard time coping with being here all winter, brrrrrr… Will we still be quarantining and social distancing this time next year?

In less than three weeks we will know if the world will be a better place for us to live in. The election will be over in the United States. My feelings are that we will sink or swim according to who gets elected there. They truly need to get a handle on the dangerous virus running amok down in their country. World peace as we have known it, is also at stake, Lord help us all through these trying times. I personally need a break from all this depressing bullshit and please, some good news from anywhere is welcome.

Maybe we can come up with something really fun and entertaining to do this winter? How about it Saskatoon? A contest to see how our creative minds can put something really unique into the works. Something we can sink our teeth into and stimulate our minds? A cold weather outfit contest around a huge bonfire with a social distancing wiener roast once a month? Lets chase away the winter blahs!