Vodka peach schnapps and cranberry juice.. crying all the way

Eight months into this twilight zone of my life right now, has me questioning why I am constantly crying at anything sad on TV. Changing the channel is not an option for me. Its not like I have a 100 channels to choose from, sadly I have only one channel. I don’t cry over that, I accept it and move on. I’ll explain, I had a difference of opinion with Shaw, my last provider of internet and TV channels. I packed up everything into a bag and deposited it back to them, sad to say they couldn’t have cared less. I was paying over a hundred dollars a month for a service that kept kicking me off my internet.

Being a resourceful gal I connected an antenna onto my TV and voila’ I picked up one channel, a popular one AND it was in high definition bonus. So now I have free TV (I bought the  antenna for thirty five dollars) but unfortunately, no internet service. I called up my cell phone provider, SaskTel and they hooked me up with just internet for sixty dollars a month. I received an introductory offer for half price (for three months) being a senior living on a fixed income that was nice. University students get it for half price while attending school. I think seniors should get the same deal for as long as they stay old. Feel free to forward this to SaskTel.

Now where was I, oh right tears of sadness, Greys Anatomy and Station 19 back to back was clearing out my tear ducts big time. Then my favorite show with Tom Selleck even brought on a few tears, Jesus what is with this waterfall show? It’s finally starting to dawn on me, I haven’t been out of my place in over a week. Even my morning routine to the pool is on hold, I just don’t feel like it. That I have a pool to go to is freaking amazing and it had been closed for most of this pandemic. We are in a second wave so I need to be vigilant which has me holing up in my place.

I think I am ok and doing really good and I was even cooking up a storm, with no one to feed but myself. Then this past week it took all I could do to find stuff to eat that I didn’t have to cook. Taking something out from the freezer was even a chore. The frosted flakes took a major hit. I have been wanting a sugar fix so bad that I finally made some pancakes for supper last night. The maple syrup fed my soul and I was happy at last. This feeling of euphoria lasted all of an hour maybe. Now I have to say here that I was also snowed in this past week, so maybe that played heavy on my mind. When we can’t escape when we want something, then we want it more. I fixated on apple pie and a chocolate bar, I never buy myself chocolate bars ever, well unless it is a coffee crisp, mmmmmmm.

The apple pie craving was so strong that I even got out my measuring cup for the flour and read the directions on the Crisco lard package (that lard has been sitting in the top back corner of my fridge for 3 years) to make pie crust and that’s when it all fell apart. It was just too much effort. And that was when I cried through Station 19 and Greys Anatomy. Its pretty hard to cry watching Shark Tank but some of the sob stories from the entrepreneurs getting to where they are today was tear worthy. I broke down early last week when my antenna went blank and I couldn’t watch The View. I snapped a little bit I think, and I made a trip to SaskTel to ‘view’ my options.

I have to tell you that when I got back from down south in March of this year I cancelled my internet with them. A great service technician and customer service rep at SaskTel shared with me how he just uses his ‘hotspot’ on his mobile phone to connect his computer and TV for internet services. I cancelled my internet and I am saving sixty dollars a month, by using my hotspot on my phone. I have unlimited data on my phone which works perfectly for me. My TV however is a smart TV and much smarter than me, so I could never get a connection there.

So it was I made the trip back to SaskTel and signed up for Max TV.  I am back to sixty dollars a month but half price for the first three months. I can live with that and I can quit watching sad TV shows. The technician was here yesterday. Sharing my story of free TV through my phone, he couldn’t get it to work either and besides he was here to hook up my Max TV contract. He did however tell me to look into Chromecast, a device that will hook into the back of my set. I looked it up, it is under forty dollars. When my half price is over I will be checking out Chromecast for sure.

Now that I have more channels to peruse, I can quit watching the ones that make me cry. If that doesn’t work then I will go and stock up on sweet stuff like apple pie :  ) so ok, maybe a couple coffee crisps wouldn’t hurt either. If that doesn’t work then I may need therapy or as a last resort alcohol.  Yep … white wine or vodka with peach schnapps and cranberry juice. I really like this last option … a lot :  )