Welcome to my blog, purely personal and hopefully entertaining.

I answer to Nana or Mom, sometimes hey you.. and ‘babe’, a past lovers pet name for me. I am old enough to have three boyfriends in their twenties, adding all their ages together I would still outnumber them in age. I am kidding of course, after playtime we would need to converse and that would be a deal breaker.

An intelligent man turns me on, and I prefer someone over 60. My writing is about my observations on life so far and I also write from my heart. Staying true to myself I don’t have to make anything up. I like my life and stuff happens to me all the time, or maybe I attract it? It’s not easy being old but the alternative doesn’t appeal to me either. If you can relate, commiserate or just feel better after reading my blogs, then I have done my job. If I have made you laugh out loud, even better.. thank you for reading.. really.

First Life: Hairstylist, married, raising a family while building, running and working three of my own hair salons. CEO, Wife and mother.

Second Life: Starting all over again .. building a successful catering business from scratch and out of the ashes of bankruptcy (the hubby had to claim bankruptcy for a failed business he started). Entrepreneur, I have two inventions (still in marketing). CEO, Wife, Mom, Nana, two grandchildren.

Third-Life: Happily Single after 40 years of marriage. Taking up writing and realizing a passion for it. Perusing the dating scene and learning to live the single life again. Working on retirement. Senior, Ex wife, Mom, Nana, Five grandchildren, Entrepreneur (two inventions) and novice writer.



                                                   Living My-Third Life .. my way