Grass is not greener .. my friend (taxi driver in Versailles)

“I want to move to America” my cab driver informs me. Well America is pretty big I said, and includes Canada and Mexico and the States.. “the States” he immediately replies. We are on our way to Charles De Gaulle airport for my final journey home. He is born in France but of Algerian descent, and lives in Versailles. He looks to be from another country and was a little defenceful when I asked if he is from here.

I am totally dumbfounded by this declaration, does he not watch the news? “Do you have any friends or family in the states?” He has one friend, and no family BUT he has a thing for this gal in Texas. Well he is young and easy on the eyes, speaks pretty good English, but really? It’s gotta be the girl I’m thinking and that’s too bad, men are so dumb sometimes. Sorry guys but to be fair some women are also dumb that way.

I met a guy in Portugal that set my heart to beating a little faster.. omg I am one of those dumb women! Damn, ahhhh but, but, I wouldn’t even have to learn Portuguese, he speaks English, but I would if I had too. Lordy lordy I get a lot of pleasure just thinking about him.. but I digress. My stay in Versailles has been so pleasant and relaxing. I am in love with this place, seriously, I could live here.

My cabdriver does not feel the same way, he thinks if he moves to the states he will make lots of money and have a great place to live yada, yada, yada.. Where do you want to live, I ask him. He mentions New York and I inform him that if he wants to live there he couldn’t afford to park a car, much less own one. This was related to me by one of my peers in the catering industry.

Wanting to let him down gently I say “they don’t want you there”.. I know, not too gentle huh? Seriously though, this is not a good time to want to immigrate to the states. “Everyone owns guns there you know” I’m trying to dissuade him from making such a rash decision. He is a nice guy, we met the day before when I flagged him down on a very busy street across from the train station that I mistakenly got off at. I know.. but to be fair it was the people on the train that indicated that was my stop.

Another Starbucks coffee break for me, while I tried in vain to get an Uber.. ‘no cars available’ it said. Anyway an hour and a half later I jump in his front seat at a traffic light and give him my address. He tells me 10 Euros cash (no meter) and I only have a fifty. I direct him to the end of the block where I am staying, to a pizza place.. they will not make change for me (and they don’t open til 6:00 pm and it is only 5:30). I tell him of another couple places farther out but he decides to cut his losses and just drop me off no charge.

I feel really bad but not bad enough to give him a 40 Euro tip. I decided on the spot to get him to pick me up in the morning and take me to the airport and offer him 90 Euros. The trip should only be 75 Euros but I owe him 10 and a tip of five, he is more than happy and assures me he will be there in the morning.

My gut tells me I did the right thing, like when I turned down yet another phony Uber Driver when I arrived. That guy was really imposing and wanted 90 Euros but my gut told me uh uh.. and I ended up getting a taxi for only 75.. geeze I think they see me coming, or maybe I attract them.

Back to the ride to the airport, he showed up on time and we are having an animated discussion on his moving to the states. I seriously would move to Versailles, that is how much I love it here. Portugal is also on my list and makes my heart beat a little faster.. just thinking about it :  ) Truth be told though, Canada is my home and native land and listed as the best country in the world to live.

I tell Hakim, my driver, that Canada will welcome him. We are in constant need of new people because it is sooo cold there we get freezer burnt and then we are only good for polar bear food and those polar bears are a hungry lot..

The grass is not greener my friend, Versailles is one of the best places I have experienced in my travels.. just sayin..