Nude photos, sexting and drugs back in the day..

I remember those nude pictures of myself, ok semi-nude,

no clouds for them.. they were called polaroids

kept on earth in a drawer somewhere,

I wonder what happened to them

they would look magnificent now

just sayin..

we had sexting back then

in the back seat of a 67 Chevy two-door hardtop

hands on.. face to face, ten toes up and ten toes down

imprinted in my memory bank


My drugs of choice were diet pills

man, I was invincible, work  smoke  play,

I could do anything and losing weight by the minute,

frantic activity go  go  go until I


We had our own version of social media

party lines and extension phones

exposing our inner-most secrets ‘online’

with our best friend,

while mom, dad or the whole neighborhood

listened in

computers and emails.. na just a whole set of encyclopedias

introducing us to hours worth of “look it up”

teaching us how to read and discovering whole new worlds

a snail mail with our name on it?

now that was



We didn’t need Facebook, we participated in everything in and out of school

we inter-faced with kids from all walks of life and countries

we were the original melting pot,

just trying to fit in and be like everyone else

same as today

ps: if those half nude photos show up anywhere I give permission for you to post them and please tag me.. I looked hot!

clMargerate tm