goodbye Lisa, hello CBC (Published in Star Phoenix and Regina Leader post letter to the editor) August 22 2022

Goodbye CTV, hello The National

When Lloyd Robertson did the newscasts in his older years it was a little painful to see him aging, BUT I trusted him and tuned in faithfully. Keeping up with what’s happening in the world is my necessary fix. Lisa LaFlamme kept me connected after Lloyd and I trusted in her. That she has grey hair and looks great has nothing to do with how I feel about the person that delivers me daily from ignorance about the world around me.

CTV… shame on you! We, as Canadians are better than this, you have done us a great disservice. I’m not even going to debate this shameful thing that you’ve done. I just want you to know that my news viewing habit has already shifted to The National. I feel a little bad for Sandie Rinaldo BUT I want to make a statement and stand up for what’s right, and you did not do right by Lisa. You not only did her a disservice but it was done for such superficial reasons.

I suspect I will not be the only one switching news channels and this whole thing could eventually backfire on CTV and it should!  Let’s all stand up and be counted, let’s show our true colours. No, I am not going to let my grey hair grow out, BUT I stand up for those that choose to do so. Geeze, I can’t even believe that this really happened in 2022… and in Canada yet!

Cherylle Winacott

415 Hunter Rd


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