Road tripping to Alberto-ville

Roadtripping to Alberto-ville

Well, my favorite grandchild and I are back from our road trip to Alberto-ville. That is the red license plate province next to Saskatchewan in Canada, the Americans even recognize the ‘Red Plates’ from there as well. Alberta also has the most white half-ton trucks on earth. Trust me, it keeps the kids busy and occupied counting them on that stretch of the trip if traveling from here through to B.C.  This probably has something to do with the abundance of oilfields there, or maybe they just don’t have much imagination, bahahaha.

We stopped in North Battleford for an early supper with my girlfriend from way back in my hairdressing days. We co-owned three hairstyling salons in Saskatoon. It’s nice to keep in touch and she was happy to see my favorite grandchild with me. Grandchild takes over driving from there and I was going to have a nice nap, but we actually have a pleasant trip catching up on what’s happening in our respective lives.  She catches me up on her life and I share my lack of one with her.

Alberta and Saskatchewan have this friendly rivalry over which is the better province. I think this is a moot point because everyone in Canada is originally from Saskatchewan. Hell, even all the beef slaughtered for markets in Canada, coming from Alberta, were actually born and raised in Saskatchewan… I rest my case.

My sister is the youngest sibling in our family, I’m the oldest and the smartest, of course. One of her daughters and my granddaughter are very close and she just had a baby, hence the road trip. I actually took these two amazing girls (amazing women now) on a road trip when they were young and we had a blast going west through the Rockies to Banff and Jasper. AND yes, I made them count the white half-ton trucks.

The more I age the more important it is for me to keep these channels open.  I have already lost three of my younger siblings and we are only four left.  My family is the most important part of my life and if you are reading this please call me once in a while, I miss you. OR send money so I can drive to come and visit you … gas is not cheap, just saying :  ) My sister lives on an acreage, her yard looks like a picturesque cover of Better Homes and Gardens. She has a pond with fish, a gaggle of ducks as well as fifteen chickens. Ferdinand the one-year-old huge turkey roams around calling out for my sister and she put her 3-month-old grandson on his back as if he was riding him, for a photo op. Did I say that Albertos didn’t have any imagination, hmmm, well my sister is originally from Saskatchewan. I will post a few pictures on this blog.

Our weekend was partially spent at my favorite niece’s house, we lounged/drank/and gossiped, so much visiting in her pool, hot tub, and on her deck. The temps are in the thirties celsius. She is a wannabe Martha Stewart, her house is eclectic, as is she. We took a few selfies before leaving back home and she cupped my double chin, masking it so I looked really stunning, I love her so much :  )

Cold Lake, Alberta is the training ground for the airforce military and Nato Allies. The town was having a huge garage sale and we managed to hit up our share, plus a few thrift shops. We all came back with necessary stuff we didn’t know we really needed until we saw it.  I witnessed two twentysomethings drool over a salad spinner my fav grandchild got for almost nothing.. really?  Although she got to buy it (she saw it first) my other niece coveted it. What is it about garage sales and thrift stores that bring out our inner child of excitement that can’t be explained or ignored?  I’m still thinking about that glass framed picture containing a stunning red flower, winking at my sister and me as we drove past it.. TWICE!  Ah well, we had no wall space for it.. or did we?

My sister, fav grandchild, and another favorite niece ( my sister and I have a thing about telling our offsprings that each of them is our favorite when we are alone with them.. lol) this causes excitement and rivalries and we thrive on that.  I know, my mom always told my sister and me that we both share a sick sense of humour.  So after a huge family supper on Saturday, we get into a game of ‘Frustrating Rummey’ which uses two decks of cards and has twos and jokers as wilds. It was excruciatingly long and we decided after three hours that each of us that dealt could name another wild card after we looked at our hands of 13 cards each!  Omg.. it made it a little better and the best person won! A Saskatchawin-itte.. well two of us actually, beat out the Al-Bertoloosers, bahahaha.. ok so you had to be there. It was an intense five hours worth of frustration.. whew.

The weekend was exactly what I needed and I got to reconnect with some of my favorite family members; their mates, kids, and all that good stuff that life is about.  It was truly heartwarming, they looked after us; fed and watered us; kept us entertained and when Sunday rolled around they were all over once more for a breakfast of fat blueberry pancakes and my sister’s homemade deer sausage… with her homemade syrups and jams (hey.. I didn’t get any jam to bring back with me!) Wth?

My granddaughter was the instigator of this trip, planned a couple of months ago. Thank you Meegan, we made memories yet again, life is full of love, laughter, and surprises and you are always surprising me. I love you the best… :  )

August 22, 2022