fuck you.. I quit!!

My brother said this to his boss, to his face .. actually inches from his face. I was so proud when he told me this, I felt such a bonding kinship to my sibling of over 60 years. I did the same thing at a job I took on, but I didn’t say the “Fuck You” part, I was much nicer, but I did quit.

Sometimes in life we need to spit out our truth, that was one truth that I wish I had spit out more forcefully, like my brother. The reason why I have owned all my own businesses is because I don’t work well with bosses that I disagree with. I was fired from my first job as a hairstylist, not because I wasn’t good at it, but I took a weekend off to go home to my brothers wedding (same brother, and I would do it again.)

Some bosses don’t deserve employees like my brother and myself. We are self motivated and care about what we do, if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be there. Being unfairly fired from my first job was ironic, in that she called me a year later to apologize, inquiring if I would be interested in coming back to work for her. She didn’t know I had set up my own hairstyling salon by then, in a small town closer to where I was living.

When I work at something I give it my all.. how many of you do that today I wonder? I never give up until I have exhausted all avenues of making something work. Actually I just had an AHAH moment.. I did this very thing in my marriage of forty years, before giving up. Wow.. funny what pours onto the page when I start writing.

I’ve never had a job I didn’t like, even when I was a waitress (called servers now) I thoroughly enjoyed my work. It was grueling for sure, but it put me through hairdressing school and that was my goal, to be a hairstylist. I had that first job as a stylist for a year, it was hard.. driving an hour each way to get there and back home again. I wanted to quit every Saturday (once finished for the week.)

In the end the decision was made for me when I got fired! Best thing to ever happen, because although I wanted to quit, (a slave-driver boss) the ex always talked me out of it by the time the weekend was over. Ya.. I took off to live with my boyfriend (now my ex) in another province far from home. That is another story for another blog.

Starting my own business was always my goal and I did that, becoming wildly successful. Selling it and moving back to our home province, I eventually ended up with three more hair salons. So working for myself was my preferred way to make a living. There is no such thing as 8 hour days when you own a business.. it is a fulltime life commitment.

My favorite saying was “I wish I had a real job, then I would only have to work 8 hour days with two days off.” This is my truth, you’re never really free from some kind of stress when you own a business. There are employees and rent and utilities and supplies and, and.. holidays (for the employees ..lol) and slow times to worry about..

That was in my first life, my second life involved starting and running a catering business. So being self employed most of my life, I never really was an employee. I always treated my employees fairly but expected only the best from them. I was fortunate to keep good employees and had very little turnover, which really helped me in all my endeavors.

When you do what you love, you love what you do.. that explains my drive for excellence I guess. Not ever to be confused with my housekeeping skills ok? We can’t be good at everything right? So let’s get to the point that I’d like to make today. I went back to work for awhile in a job I once loved and gave it my total attention.

I was excited and alive with possibilities to make this endeavor more profitable and better than ever. I was only making a wage but that was inconsequential. Putting all my skills to work, saving money here and making changes there and ensuring profitability was maximized, this was my goal. Not for myself but for the company.

Imagine my surprise when I was asked to punch a time clock. My time spent doing job related chores was also to be accounted for. The sad fact of the matter was that I was now being treated like an employee, not the entrepreneur that  resided inside of me. I thought my job was to maximize profitability, explore new avenues of revenue, while minimizing expenses.

That’s just me though.. and my brain is always working.

If you are punching a time clock and just putting in hours and you’re happy with that.. then I’m happy for you. If you are excited about your job and looking for new ways to improve it, or have value added ideas .. that’s who I want in my company.

So a heartfelt.. “fuck you.. I quit”

Yep.. that’s all :¬† )

Ps I am back in retirement and still living my best life. Live your truth and never compromise your values. Life is too short to hold grudges as well, just say the magic words and get on with it … lol