Beavers .. the long and the short of it


beaver treeThere is a huge poplar tree between my cousins property and mine here at the lake, we’re talking 20 feet high! Well that is high for me, I have step stools everywhere in my life. Being short is ok when you’re young and cute and have a man around.. but hell when you are old and not so cute anymore, with no man in sight.

Cupboards were designed by men for men.. I have trouble reaching the second shelf never mind that top one! The top ones are always perfect for cereal though, leaving enough space for those tall boxes. Men must eat a lot of cereal.. and that’s why we women eat a lot of yogurt, easier to reach.

A high wind took down this huge tree, which is technically my cousins, but it fell half onto my property. Do we both own this tree now I wonder? How the heck am I going to cut up my half with all the branches? A whipper snipper gets the best of me, I would be dangerous with a chainsaw.. if I could lift it.

I head into the city mentally debating how to solve this dilemma. I get back a few days later and my cousin yells over to me “nice work on the branches!” I wonder if she has been into the wine or is she being sarcastic.. hmmm. I go investigate and lo and behold, all the branches are gone and the mess is looking pretty much cleaned up!morebeave tree

A closer look reveals teeth marks.. wow, my beaver has been hard at work and where the heck was I? I have laid claim to a beaver that swims past my place every morning on his way to work and then at supper time on his way back. He did a great job and really laid waste to the top half of that tree. Being retired and spending my summers at the lake allows me all these fascinating observations, and not having a real life.. what can I say?

Most people complain about the beavers but everyone needs to watch a documentary on these industrious creatures. They could end up being the salvation to a lot of the drought problems in the south! The beaver is also responsible for filtering a lot of our water supply too.. did you know that?

Wherever there is a trickle of water beavers can make ponds appear. The history channel and national geographic impress the hell out of me… ya, its the life thing. Stuff like that interests me along with salt and vinegar chips and black cherry ice cream.

lake viewMy time here is coming to an end, that beaver has really done a number on that tree and I missed it. Seems he only liked the branches though, which is ok with me because the rest is on the cousins lot.

choke chey jellyAnother batch of wild chokecherry jelly sits on my counter, not as pretty as the first batch.. no new jars, just leftover mismatched old ones. Who knew I could do these things, I am surprised that I even wanted to try. Not having a real life has brought me to this one.

This life is hmmmmm.. kinda laid back and there is no urgency in it. Well.. throwing away rotting stuff in my fridge should have more urgency to it. Getting fed everywhere I go to visit, gives me no reason to cook. I am onto other things like baking buns and making jam, stuff I have never done before, giving me a new kind of thrill I guess.

Learning how to live off the land is rewarding in it’s own way.. as long as there is a store nearby. The pin cherries will stay where they are however.. those bushes are well hidden and we do have bears, just sayin. The fishing has been good, until everyone started leaving during the week, now my ‘hill cousin’ and I have no one to filet them, so we practice catch and release.

zucciniThe next couple of days will be spent carving a vegetable display (the zucchinis donated to me are humongous!) and making a dessert tower out of donut holes (donated from the catering business). These are exciting times for me and I hope to make simple but freakin ‘awe-inspiring masterpieces’ that the kids can replicate in the catering business. Ya I know, its that life thing again..

If they turn out the way I envision them, I’ll have something for my Pinterest board, if I ever remember my password. This is the reason why I have no new entries lately.. well all summer actually. A family wedding is the reason for my extra-curricular activities back into catering territory (I will never get away from it.)

Here it is! My zucchini vegetable display.
Here it is! My zucchini vegetable display.

My inventions, yes I now have three of them, are moving along at a snails pace. Apparently package labels need to follow government regulations (who knew?) and my order is still not in from the states.

On another note I will be doing some exploring in China, well Hong Kong to be exact, looking into options I want in my packaging. I leave in less than two weeks, holy crap!! That is getting close, really close .. ah well here at the lake nothing is urgent.

My ‘hill’ cousin has invited me for supper, I need to bring a salad. Ok.. I need to go smell the coleslaw package I have sitting in my fridge, oh man.. I am going to miss all this.


Ps I wrote this five years ago, my cabin is gone, along with the beavers, my cousin next door is into decimating the population. Hopefully I will make new memories in my sons big new cabin where mine once stood.