Today I am alive

Today I am alive, are you? Some of us aren’t and we can be forgiven from not participating in living sometimes, (some¬†need healing time). The death of a basketball star and his daughter, along with seven others, is maybe a wake-up call for many. I lived through a wake-up call of my own many years ago. I know life can be snatched from you in an instant.

I wonder if those on board were living their lives each day. I want to think they were, a helicopter trip to a basketball game with your family and friends.. how exciting is that! Its true though, that those that loved them and were left behind are the ones that will suffer the most. It will hurt so bad that I’m sure some will wish they had died as well.

Time will heal .. eventually, and we need allow ourselves that. It will never go away completely but the hurt will diminish somewhat and we will carry on. If you live long enough.. hmmm… how much is long enough I wonder? That is a good question and try as I might, I have no answer to that.

I say this to my kids before every trip I take: “if I fail to return from my journey, know this.. I love you and I am living my life exactly how I want too.” Please don’t cry for me.. I wouldn’t change a thing.

We all need to LIVE each and every day,  just sayin..