POF .. the site of my discontent?

This online dating, Russian roulette is killing me. Why is something so simple, so full of lies and deceit and danger? If you are single and older.. is it harder for us or are we just more gullible? It should be that we are older and wiser but it is us older gals that are being duped and scammed. We need hang on to our self respect, if nothing else.

Anyone that sticks up their nose or thinks online dating is beneath them.. well, good luck to you. Truth is there is not many places to connect with singles our own age. I used to hang out at bars and I felt kinda out of place, then I looked around and thought hmmm, yep.. I am out of place, damn!

Well alcohol was not a good thing in my failed marriage so I turned my sights to the church. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I couldn’t get outta there fast enough. True I only went once, but it was enough to make me realize I had been there done that.

Being brought up a strict catholic girl was maybe what skewed my thinking on men, love, relationships and marriage in the first place! Sex was certainly a taboo subject, lord help us all. I think our kids today are much more savvy than what we were, at least I hope so.

I like to think I’m smarter now then when I left the marriage. I recently discussed this with a gf from way back in the day. She made a comment that I can’t seem to let go of. She also, was married for a long time then got a divorce. She said that she believed her hubby didn’t even like her, much less love her.

I believe the same from my own experience. Those were different times back then, we were expected to fall in love and get married, forever. That was our purpose, and our parents encouraged it. That’s not so anymore, and I think we’ve come a long way. We were in lust and maybe love, but not the lasting soul mate, intimacy kind, the glue you need for the long term.

Being newly single after a long unhappy marriage is not the same as losing a spouse that was dearly loved. Let’s get that straight right off the bat. The widows and widowers that had a good marriage, know what they are looking for and most aren’t even looking. They are content.. the opposite of me actually.

It helps if you don’t have any expectations, on men or sex, for these dating sites. Whew that was a mouth full, and truth be told I can’t even believe that flowed onto the page! Now its on here I have to explain myself, I can’t wait to read this … stick a bunch of surprised emojis in here bahahahaha

My dignity and self respect took a few hits until I learned how to separate the cheating marrieds and weirdos from the pile. Sexual encounters have to be weeded out as well, some are just not worth it. Shaving my legs and plucking the rogue hairs from my face takes time and effort, just sayin.. so I want it to count for something.

Oh.. and if they can’t meet up for coffee because their check was late and they can’t put gas in their vehicle, well.. need I say more? Yes, that happened just three weeks ago, and I wish I was kidding. I am partial to widows on these sites because their wife ‘technically’ didn’t leave them by choice.

If they send a picture of their ‘junk’ don’t be surprised (they love playing with themselves).. it is the other junk that amazes me. The pictures of motorcycles and cars and animals is totally off base. They love their ‘stuff’ more than anything, so don’t expect much. Oh.. and if they are wearing a ballcap in every picture they most certainly are bald!

The pictures are usually old and if you are on an older site like ‘Our Time’ then everyone actually IS OLD. No picture no inter-action, just don’t go there. Well I did date one with no picture.. but I put him through the wringer first before I would meet with him. It lasted a year till we went on a trip.. if you still like them after a road trip then keep em.

So back into the pool.. the POF, plenty of fish pool. The lineup looks like a police lineup.. it just does. Would it kill them to smile? I am a sucker for a great smile.. oh my god, there is that same guy from years ago (with the same smile that suckered me in) same freaking picture even!!!!! I wonder if he is still married and has three girlfriendsĀ on the side?

Lord help me…

Ps: ALWAYS Google their name, it helps weed out the axe murderers.. just kidding/not kidding.