Bio or resume’.. maybe its time to get a job.

It may be time for me to get a job, being retired doesn’t pay enough to do all the things I enjoy. They say “get a job you are passionate about” it will never feel like you are working. Well I love to write but no one is knocking down my door to offer me a writing job, so now what?

First off is a resume and I suck at that, so here I am writing my own bio for a job or career pitch as a consultant. Seems I have an uncanny knack to figure out how to make more money in business. This doesn’t work for me on a pension, unfortunately, the government doesn’t pay me enough to be old . Consequently I have lots of time to devote to ‘consulting.’

How do you put fifty plus years into a few hundred words? My whole life has actually been full of these challenges. I started five businesses from scratch (except for one) creating, molding and learning, doing practically everything that needs to be done, to run a successful enterprise. Each of them being sold in time, as a profitable business.. no small feat!

I was in the beauty industry for a third of that time and then the food industry caught my imagination. Since ‘retiring’ I have turned to writing. There is nothing I haven’t done, well.. I have never shoveled shit, so I guess there are some holes in my bio. I have two great kids and five amazing grandchildren, does that count?

Be it styling hair, which I was really great at, or feeding the masses, which I also learned to do better than anyone else.. I just did it! I have dealt with Bankers and CEO’s .. janitors and crazies, I have even hired a few of them in my time. So even if I haven’t ‘shoveled’ it, I do have that list.

Connecting with people is what I thrive on and it nourishes my soul. Mentoring, consulting or just picking my brain if you will, I am a ‘font’ of knowledge. My ‘friends list’ is a pretty long one too and if I don’t know the answer to what I’m seeking, chances are I can find someone who does.

Writing is my passion, but so is meeting new people and discovering their stories. This is a resume for my new career as a ‘Consultant.’ Standard resumes are for the time clock punchers.. of which I am not one.

I have never considered myself an employee, fact is I don’t know how to act as an employee. I would rather see the whole picture and what you want to achieve, then I’ll help you get there.. period! The best part is figuring out the why and the how. Trust me, making money is ok.. BUT making PROFIT money is a lot more desirable and much more fun.

Want to find out how much I am worth? Hire me and let’s find out together!

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