Fifty percent tip.. no, I didn’t win the lottery, well actually I did win the breakfast lottery

I am not ready to die just yet, although I am surrounded by age. I work my mouth a lot, and I work-out in the pool. We also do a lot of ‘eating out’ here in Parkieland, which is what I have dubbed this place. The romaine lettuce grown here has not killed me yet (recent e-coli outbreak) Yuma is the lettuce capital. Besides..  not cooking suits me just fine.

I used to cook for a living, hundreds of people at a time “if you can cook for ten people, you can cook for a hundred” and “if you can cook for a hundred then you can cook for a thousand”.. you just can. Sadly cooking for one is not in my program. I do a lot of toasting, adding tomatoes on top makes it worth eating, and I’ll drink to that..

The Parkie-ville calendar had marked ‘breakfast at Dennys’ 7:30 am for this morning. For some strange reason I awoke at 6:21 (digital clocks) and though hmmm.. I can make it to Dennys for the Parkie breakfast. They will all think I peed the bed and if not, well I’ll tell them I did. This is pretty early for me, but I will try anything once.

For all you reading this out there.. I am going to share important information here, that is if you like getting a deal on breakfast. Upon being seated (I was last to arrive) they instructed me to look at the back of the little menu, they all had ordered already. Did you know you can get breakfast for two dollars at Dennys? Well did you?

Two, four, six and eight dollar breakfasts.. no substitutions, its true. I decide on the two dollar pancakes.. four dollars and I could have ‘all you can eat’! But I stick with the two dollar menu ones.. it is kinda early and I don’t usually eat breakfast before I’ve had my coffee. I brought my coffee with me in my purse (I do that a lot.. its cheaper).

I look at it this way.. coffee is becoming big business.. it’s not a dollar anymore. Most places charge over two dollars and are now hitting close to three bucks for a coffee. Food establishments are getting into gourmet coffee and we are now looking at three bucks and over.. for gourmet lattés, cappuccinos, frappe’s and a partridge in a friggen pear tree.. like really? How many kinds of coffee are there?

No one has ever called me out for bringing my own. I have a story ready for them if they do, several in fact.. “I am a struggling alcoholic and I carry my vodka in here to keep me calm (in my ‘contiga’ coffee mug)” or “I take a special medication in liquid form that’s necessary for my severe condition”. “This is an electrolyte mixture to medicate my lymph nodes from short-circuiting”.

Now I don’t recommend taking your own coffee when you go out to eat.. but I am fussy about my coffee. If it is great coffee then I don’t mind paying for it, Pennys Diner has great coffee. The Chevron on my corner has great coffee, and I drive my golf cart there for my morning fix (ya.. we keep it exciting here: ).

Drinks can add a lot to the cost of eating out and in snowbird-land most of us order water with lemon. It is a fact of life and we eat out more often that way, which suits me fine. So I order my water with lemon and the two dollar pancakes. We visit with each other waiting for our food, which is good, because once the orders come, we eat and then leave!

This eating and leaving is new to me.. well not anymore, it is a ritual at the clubhouse. Ahhhhh .. I am having an aha moment! Because we don’t order drinks, well most don’t, we don’t linger to finish our coffee and tea. They have unlimited soda here as well.. not so in Canada. When the meal is over so is social time, that’s it, goodbye.. lol.

And thats it for me .. I’m done, goodbye! Oh.. and my bill came to 2.21 with tax and that’s a wrap. I leave a fifty percent tip on the table, you figure it out..

Pancakes were delicious btw.