Fame, Family, Wealth and Power apparently it is the Pitts ..

untitled-83It looks as though 400 million dollars, homes all over the world and a half dozen children, would be an enviable life.. well the six kids may be a bit much. Alas all is not well with the Pitts and if they aren’t happy, having it all, what hope is there for us?

The six kids is a more reachable goal for most, well except in china. The Pitts actually chose to have all those children.. what were they thinking I wonder? Did they commit to raising them all in a happy home with two parents and did they strive against all odds to make that happen?images-125

Lordy lordy .. this really does irritate the hell out of me.. this has been ‘percolating’ all week inside of me, so this is my Sunday morning ‘rant’. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???? I care only because I am a product of a broken home and I feel bad for those kids .. regardless of how much they have!

My mom left my dad with six kids in tow back in the days before birth control. She would NOT have had us all if she had that choice .. well I would still be here.. being as I was an ooops, no condoms baby. Was it a social no-no to use condoms when married I wonder? I wish she was still here so I could ask her that.

untitled-86All I ever wanted back then was to have my dad back in my life. I didn’t care about how much they fought or how much he drank or that he was not a good provider. I spent my life after that trying to please men so they wouldn’t leave me .. now that took awhile for me to figure out.

We suffer so much, and I am talking from my inner kid here and for all kids that feel abandoned I guess. Being a kid I didn’t care about who is right and who is wrong.. I just wanted my mom and my dad back together.. period!

This way of thinking does not apply to real abuse in a marriage, like physical or mental. Please take all of this with a grain of salt.. my parents never abused us kids.

That they abused each other in various forms is another story.. like the time my dad woke up from a alcoholic stupor with two half shaved off eyebrows and cayenne pepper on his tongue. My dad was fond of saying he was a lover not a fighter and he was a charmer.. and he got a lot of laughs sharing that story..untitled-84

When you have all the money in the world, and all the horses and all the kings men can’t put you back together again.. then you should grow up.. make this work for those six children that need both of you!!

Buy two adjoining houses and keep the kids together .. still having a mom and a dad. NEVER make them choose.. trust me, it is another memory etched into my mind. For gods sakes just work it out! The kids always lose when there is a divorce I don’t really give a rats ass what anyone else says.

untitled-87Divorce, losing a parent (you always lose a parent regardless if they are still alive) is not a physically challenging loss. On the outside we still look the same, we are still growing up, finding our way and eventually we make it into adulthood.

We can also become all that we were meant to be, or shit can happen and it all goes south. That can happen anyway, even if you are not from a broken home. Having a mom and a dad raise me together I think would have made me able to make better decisions in my life.untitled-85

What you don’t see is that on the inside we are still lost little children, scarred by divorce and feelings of uncertainty towards the opposite sex that will never truly leave us

My advice is to GROW UP all you adults out there in la la land.. get it together and make it work for gods sakes and for the kids sake! really…

There is plenty of time once the kids are  grown and have flown the coup for you to screw up your lives.. end of rant!