Dumpster-diving confessions

The shiny new waffle maker was winking at me in the dumpster, my heart beat a little faster. How many of you actually look into the dumpsters when you unload your garbage? I always do, unless there is a lot a flies emanating from the garbage accumulating inside.

The waffle iron was within reach and I reached in and pulled out my prize. Ok.. so I did look around me first to see if anyone was watching and the coast was clear! The stainless steel carafe (sitting beside it) for hot or cold drinks was almost new too, so I tossed it into my golf cart along with the shiny new tongs. Now you tell me ..who doesn’t need an extra set of tongs?

The bright stuffed animals (about 30 of them) some still in clear plastic, tempted me, but I do have some couth.. well not much. Here’s the thing though.. I have never made waffles and I don’t care for them either. The coffee carafe makes more sense.. if I had a coffee maker that made decent coffee, I suck at that as well.

What still haunts me though, is the vacuum cleaner .. just out of my reach, darn! I am still thinking about it (two weeks later) should I have made more of an effort? The stuffed animals made more sense, I do sleep alone and they would be cuddly. My quest for a perfect man or even one that makes decent coffee is still ongoing.

My son arrived that evening to visit for a couple days, I had planned on having a fire, inviting a few friends over. He was just wanting to chill out so I cancelled the fire but forgot to tell my new neighbors next to me. Excited about my find that evening, my son and I were out on my patio, me wielding the waffle maker showing him my treasure, when my neighbors showed up.

It was a little awkward, I didn’t really know them and they just walked into this scenario, but I made a snap decision. I introduced my new neighbors to my son and blurted out my adventure that afternoon in the dumpster, I held up the shiny new waffle iron. (oh my god.. the stuff I get myself into .. geez).

Without batting an eye my new neighbor ‘Lorna’ exclaimed her delight at my find. She said she makes waffles all the time but had to leave her waffle maker behind when they moved here. Without missing a beat I presented the waffle iron to her as a house warming gift.. and she accepted it with such class.

We all had a good laugh and I could tell we were going to be friends. As they left I did mention the waffle iron didn’t include warranty. I also told them about the vacumm cleaner left behind (but not my carafe or tongs..) I know, I am shallow. The stuff I do sometimes, makes even me shake my head.

What I don’t understand is why people throw away good stuff? We have a free table here in Parkie-ville (my name for our park) it is just as easy to put it up there and have someone else get use out of it. Put it out beside the bin even.. geez. I can’t keep up this dumpster-diving shit, I could break a leg or my son might think it is time to commit me!

I do wonder what happened to that vacuum, but I don’t lose sleep over it? Ah well…… it looked like a good one…