come home.. they said.. and here I am eating the best homemade cherry preserves on either side of the border!

Come home they said.. the weather is nice.. and so it came to pass that I am home. As I parked my car my hands were almost frozen but I still hadsnow1 on my flip flops! Freezing wind and rain was seriously putting a dent in my resolve to go a whole year without wearing boots!

I awake the next morning fresh and chipper and trying to decide what I should do first.. well ..I have no coffee so maybe a run to the grocery store to lay in coffee and food. But I get sidetracked with writing my border story. I glance outside after half an hour and see huge white flakes floating down .. almost magical.

So I look for something in my cupboards, I have been gone six months and it is slim pickings in there. I find a can of tomatoes and some brown rice and settle in to finish my writing and then go to the store. I look outside and it is starting to look white.. everywhere.. how can that be?

carsnowed inThis is almost May and it was in the seventies here last week, I am still on Fahrenheit, having spent six months down south in Yuma Arizona. Leaving sunny weather in the nineties and coming back to freezing cold and snow is just insane! I hate it and it is not even nice .. I am going to have to perform a major snow shifting event to even get my car out! 

The snow is not letting up, in fact it is getting downright ugly out there! So I settle in and finish my writing and take stock. Should I order in supper and let some poor delivery guy deal with getting me fed or search the cupboards again. Ok spaghetti it is.. and look at this, I found some rootbeer (which is not surprising because I never dink it.. I keep it for the kids).

I remember my coffee pods in Yuma that I forgot to pack and bring with me (it was 91 when I left). I also think of my bike that I could just hop left Yuma april 18thon and take for a spin or to the pool because .. well because I was a little hot and thought I would cool down some. I knew then that this was a special place and I was going to miss it big time. I just didn’t know I was going to miss it this soon.. dam!

Turning on the TV I find nothing that interests me which is not surprising because I only changed to a minimum basic cable before I left. Wait a minute ‘rising Planet of the Apes ‘ is just starting. Settling in to watch this I realize I am missing my electric throw and I need it .. so I turn up the thermostat instead, I’ll look for my security blankie tomorrow.

imagesGA8JHL2BNow the only movie in this series I have watched was the original. As we age.. ok.. so as I age..  I find it really difficult to deal with violence on film or TV. This is not a new thing but it is a personal preference.. seems the older I get the less I want to view violence , gore or transformer, comic book hero crap. I get nightmares!

My girlfriend feels the same way.. we think we should stick to the parental guidelines movies, it is just safer. The exception is when they run the trailers for the violent movies.. geeze.. when did I become like this?? Children and old people, we have a lot in common, scary huh?

So the ape grows up and has to be sent away and caged and of course he is having violent outbursts. I just know where this is going and before he undoubtedly kills his daddy (that raised him from a baby) I switch it off and think, oh hell.. I guess I am relegated to Walt Disney movies.

We went to see Cinderella in Yuma it was such a good movie.. I highly recommend it.. hmmm.. it was highly recommended to us by the parkie (that’s all us old people that live in this park)

Ok now where was I .. oh ya.. snow bound. So I wake up to more snow and now I am really depressed. One day without coffee is ok but two is not acceptable.

My friends Donna on the left and Gretchen on the right
My friends Donna on the left and Gretchen on the right

I find a package of ‘artisinal’ baquettes (cranberry and fig) and I pull out the jar of homemade preserves I bought in Big fork Montana at Gretchens store.(she is the sista by another mista of my friend Donna and Donna is the unofficial mayor of Big Fork.. or so I have been told). preserves 2

These preserves (not to be confused with jam.. !) are made one batch at a time (five pints) in the store and omg.. I am eating the cherry one (they are local cherries and I have a wild huckleberry jar of preserves as well). This company is 65 years old .. I know people that are that old! oops

This is simply delicious and it is almost worth being snowed in. Gretchen sells her preserves all over the world and has some big name movie stars on her list. She goes by Eva Gates and her mail order business is huge. Oh .. and her fudge is delicious too, sneaked some of that in last night watching the ape horror movie.

fudgeSo I have some tea made in my Kuerig and the artisanal baquettes with the homemade cherry preserves (I still have lots of fudge left.. I bought it for my daughter-in-law) tough times call for tough measures though, so too bad for her.

ok.. so I have to go now.. and eat some more of these delicious preserves.. preserves 1