Close encounter with the Statler Bros.. the seventies (part one)

Our Road trip wheels

It has come to my attention that some of you think I live a wild and crazy life.. well, not gonna lie, sometimes I do. My recent road trip caused many of you to comment on my adventures. This led me to remember another road trip that was pretty remarkable, back in the late seventies. Telling it now is ok because I am divorced and I don’t care.

It was a road trip to Regina, Saskatchewan to take in a ‘hair show’. I co-owned with a gf, three hair salons. I believed in taking classes and upgrading all of our skills to keep pace with changing styles. There were five of us gals in a 30′ Triple E motor home, the ex and I owned. Getting away for a week-end with just us girls was pure joy for me.. what fun we were all going to have!

The trip to Regina was two and a half hours. I was driving and we had refreshments (booze) and cards and well.. I never really thought this one through. My excitement started to wane along the way. The girls were having a blast in the back, playing cards, drinking, laughing, telling jokes and sharing stories. What the heck was I thinking, being the driver, all I could do was smoke.. ya, we all smoked back then.

My whining finally got to them, so they took turns coming up and sitting in the co-pilots seat to keep me company, so I would shut up already. I could also hear them arguing about who’s turn it was to go up and sit with the ‘whining driver.’ ┬áThe motorhome also had a CB radio and I started chatting up whoever was on. My ‘handle’ was Coco Lady (we had a brown poodle named Coco.) Back in the late seventies everyone had a CB radio.

This Hair Show also had me competing in a hairstyling competition . My calling to be a hairstylist dates back to my school days. I used to cut all my friends hair and style it, backcombing was huge and seems I had a natural bent for it. Hair was my passion, I of course strived to be the best and encouraged my staff likewise.

Arriving to the Convention Centre where the hair show is being held, we register in and find our way around. There is a concert going on in an adjacent building ‘The Sattler’ Bros were performing. We found out later Bobby Vinton was also there, damn.. we followed the wrong bus, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Turns out the hairstyling competition was cancelled, not enough entries. I am really pissed because I put a lot of time and effort into this. The gal that I brought along for my model is not happy either. Her hubby comes and picks her up, they are staying with friends. The rest of us gals settle in because the motor home sleeps 6 people.

It comes to my attention that the holding tank for the toilet is full.. omg how can that even be possible? Geez.. now I have to start it up and find a dumping station. By this time the concert is out and the girls and I are still in high spirits when this big beautiful bus carrying the band, drives past us. It doesn’t take much to egg me on to ‘follow’ them.

I have no idea where we are going or what we are going to do when we catch them, but it is the chase that was exciting. You have to remember we were all in our twenties and some of us were drinking. I manage to keep up and we follow them to their hotel where they are staying.. now what?

As they exit the bus, they know we were following them, two of them come over and decide to come into our motor home. Omg.. they check out the ‘sleeping arrangements’ I’m not gonna lie, they even said that. All the girls are giggling and laughing.. not me though, uh uh, this is not what I had in mind. We are all married after all, except for one.

So a few minutes later they leave and do we leave.. hell no, we aren’t that bright at that late an hour. Parked in the parking lot facing the balconies of the hotel rooms, we are still in party mode. Someone gets the bright idea to attract their attention again. They come out onto the balcony and wave us over, there are three of us outside, but only two of us make it to their room. The third girl is laughing so hard she is Peeing her pants.. literally.

What ensued was a really nice visit with two of the Sattler Bros band.. these two are not the brothers but the other two were. They told us they got their name off of a box of tissues.. true story! Funny thing about this is that it was all so normal and casual. They entertained us with a few stories and we shared our road trip, we then took our leave after about a half hour. It was the seventies and were just looking for excitement, I can’t even remember their names.

Nice guys and we are nice girls and it was all in fun and we went back to the motor home and shared our visit with the other gals. We pledged to never tell anyone, least of all our husbands.. omg, who would even believe us? This was so long ago now, I can finally tell the story. That Bobby Vinton was also playing that same venue haunts me still, what kind of an adventure would Bobby have been?

I will never know…

There is a part two to this story.. watch for it. “girls just wanna have fun’