Isolation, junk food and selfies

I’m still in lock-down/isolation/quarantine. I have a strange calmness about me that is hard to fathom. Being such a social person, I love being around people, how is it I’m so contented?¬†Writing about this will surely bring me some clarity or focus or maybe it will just confuse me more. Ah well, its not like I don’t have all the time in the world, my calendar is completely free….

Its been over a week and a half, most of my junk food from the road trip made its way to a good home.. insert smiley face here. I’m not gonna lie, this quarantine has its perks, junk food is permissible, don’t care. I look at it this way, here in my little bubble, I am doing my part to save the world.

Those that are unconsciously or consciously, out there spreading a virus that kills people, make me nervous. I am doing my part right here.. one bag of chips and cheezies.. ok so there was also a bag of Brookside dark chocolate pomegranate flavored chocolates.. at a time. Its not funny I know, but it is what it is.. so kill me now, because I will at least die happy and full.

All good things come to an end though, and my stash is gone. Now what, I wondered as I looked everywhere for something sinfully delicious, or even just mediocre, to eat? Ok anything sweet or salty will suffice, I am not proud.. damn. Now comes the hard part, there is nothing else, shit! Being the resourceful person that I am, that old neglected apple I keep shoving aside in the crisper, now catches my attention. hmmmmm..

So I bring it out, wash it and try to bring it back to life.. no luck there. I ponder eating it outright or cutting it in wedges. A brainwave hits me, I used to do baked apples for the kids. A little brown sugar, butter and cinnamon is all I need and I go about getting it all together. I forgot how long to bake it though, and also the water in the bottom of the pan (which I added halfway through) after googling baked apples for baking times.

Turning my attention to the obvious.. cooking for myself, besides Kraft dinner, which is also gone! Real food needs preparation and lord knows I have nothing but time. Facebook is alive with people getting back into the groove of cooking for themselves. Pictures of the food they have cooked, is replacing their inexhaustible supply of selfies, and I thank god for that! an old woman always shows up in my selfies, she is my own personal stalker.. witch..

My creativity with what I have to cook with, is also giving me a challenge of sorts, and one which I accept. The alternative is organizing all my stuff and is not something I’m looking forward to. Writing is also my passion, its time for me to start thinking about that book I want to write. This morning I had an aha moment.. a title of sorts flew into my head! “Nobody listens to Old People” ya, I know.. it sounds pretty lame now, but better than “NANA Does Life” which has a hooker ring to it… loll.

Ok so where was I.. hmmm oh right, the baked apple. Well turns out it looked pretty sad once out of the oven, but what the heck, I put it up on Facebook anyway. The sad little apple didn’t appeal to me anymore, I let it cool and put it in the fridge. I put my efforts into cooking beautiful and hearty breakfasts, which I also posted on Facebook. It really isn’t that hard to make a meal look really appetizing, we eat with our eyes first.. remember that ok?

We also see with our eyes first, after all that eating .. throw the bath towels over your full length mirrors and get out the stretchy pants, ya.. I know you have em. We may not come out of this thinner, but my god, we will have a new appreciation for junk food and we may even be happier. Well those of us that love to eat, may be happier .. the rest will be out jogging and back to the gym and doing cleanses.. my stalker is not into that, so I will take one for the team..

Taking a break to make my breakfast, I’m back. I ran outta pork chops I’ve been using in place of bacon. BUT.. I found some wild caught cod fillets in the back of my freezer. ya I know.. but hey, this is an exciting challenge. Turns out not too bad, actually looks better than it tasted though, but I ate it all. I always eat it all, no surprise there. I was curious though as to why the fillet was so dry, I went back and looked at the package hmmm.. best before Jan 3rd 2019.

Don’t judge me, this is a pandemic going on! I’m using what I have on hand, and I just might make the same breakfast again tomorrow morning. (seems I have like TWO bags of cod fillets in there)

On another note and to bring this to a close, you know that sad little baked apple in my fridge? Well I brought it out after my supper last night (a delicious salad and roasted chicken sandwich). OMG, that was so excruciatingly delicious, anyone reading this, please give it a try! Apples usually come to my fridge to die, not anymore just sayin..

A new title for my book just popped into my head “What’s Nana Eating Now?” I see some of you shaking your heads and thinking, what the hell doesn’t she eat.. its ok, I think that as well sometimes.

Stay safe and eat well.