Nana (that’s me) in lock-down.. 2000 dollar fines

NANA (that’s me) IN LOCK-DOWN .. 2000 dollar fines if I am caught out of quarantine

Day four starts out like the other three.. its so good to be home in my own bed and not sleeping in my car. The thirty hours driving, in two days on the road getting home, played me out. It was all I could do to carry in the years supply of food I packed, so I wouldn’t have to eat out, staying safe.. ya I know. That box weighed more than my suitcase.. which is still in my car. My suitcase doesn’t have food in it .. loll.

I sleep off and on all of day one.. after first having a glorious shower that feels so good I want to drown in it. Whoever would’ve thought two days on the road could make you feel so grungy and smell so bad? Eating and sleeping and living in a confined space for so long is definitely not healthy. Maybe not as bad as sitting in a plane for 12 hours .. but a close second.

Day two here was windy, snowing and definitely not driving weather. The news showed treacherous roads with vehicles in ditches all over the city. The blowing sand and dust of the desert has more appeal to me I think.. at least you are not freezing. I am also missing my morning routine, sitting out on my patio writing in my blog. I like to catch up on social media and just enjoy the morning ambiance of being outside in winter.

Lots of sleeping on my second day back, I’d like to say napping but more than an hour and you may as well call it a sleep. Thought I should retrieve my suitcase from my car but it was just too nasty out there. Yesterday was more productive in that I got my road trip blog written but not much else. My suitcase still languishes in my car while I languish in here.

I needed to check my phone to see if it was Tuesday or Wednesday .. yep, it happens. My food choices are definitely going downhill and maybe that is why the naps are longer. This will all change when I run out of salt and vinegar chips and Brookside pomegranate dark chocolate. The can of salmon I opened was to get something healthy into me.

This is already day four of my quarantine and I still haven’t cooked anything other than a box of Kraft dinner with a can of tomatoes. My suitcase is still a hostage in my car and whatever other surprises there may be. This isolation is not so bad, I haven’t had to comb my hair or get dressed even. I have however, scrutinized my face for facial hairs, I do have some couth.

My suitcase is bothering me a bit, next time I will pack a bottle of pop in it, that will prod me to get it out of the frigid cold. In the north country we have all experienced a frozen bottle of pop and the mess it makes! I’m not face-timing anyone so my choice of clothing is whatever the hell I feel like wearing.. I love it.

Looking around my place I see all the stuff that needs doing or could be done. I then give my head a shake and go in search of nachos or anything with salt and a crunch. My hoard of small cups of diced peaches is running low, so are my oranges. I will cook a real meal eventually, I did take out some pork chops.. maybe tomorrow, ya sure tomorrow.

Right now it is time for a nap, it is after 12:00 noon or does that only count for an alcoholic drink? I need bananas and a bag of ice.. oh, and a blender. I have almond tekali from Mexico. Is it too early to put out an SOS for this stuff? How long do I have to be in lockdown to request deliveries I wonder?

I have questions.. can I go through drive through at Mc Donalds or Tim Horton? My daughter says no.. I can’t leave my condo. My ex and his gf (they returned from down south the day before me) were reported to the police for picking up their mail (which was untrue) and being out in their back yard. Someone in their small town doesn’t like them..

There is a 2000 dollar fine if you are caught out and about. This is for anyone returning to Canada, including me. I feel bad for them.. maybe..

I will wait for dark to retrieve my suitcase, I think I have another bag of chips in the car, I’m using that thought as my incentive. My suitcase is over 23 kg which is over 50 pounds.. ya I know, and that doesn’t include my other suitcase with my shoes. Ok.. so I had my car there this time and decided to bring most of my clothes back.. and my shoes.

These shoes are made for walking.. but first I have to set them free..