Maggie Muggins, you gave me the best gift ever : )

Maggie Muggins, you gave me the best gift ever!

I suppose Mothers day is our day, but yesterday was nanas day for me. My adult granddaughter posted a picture to my Facebook page. It was unexpected and totally out of the blue. I was actually a little perturbed with her because I had sent her off an email that morning wondering how she made out with the TV antenna that I bought her for xmas. She had actually called me the night before (finally deciding to make use of this gift) to ask how to attach the cord to the TV? Yes this is a true story.. my granddaughter calling me for techno help.. I couldn’t believe it either.

So I was feeling a little discombobulated yesterday afternoon, and ya.. that is a word. My social distancing coffee break with some girlfriends outdoors on a gorgeous warm day, left me wanting for more. Times like this is when I miss having a significant other. Thankfully this doesn’t happen too often, I don’t want to ever ‘settle for’ another person because I get LONELY once in awhile. If my soul-mate finds me before I die, then I’ll die happy, if not.. well then, I will die happy anyway.. I know you get it :  )

I even drove around awhile not wanting to go home. I decided to drive across the city to fill my gas tank with a card-lock card, a gift of love from my son. I spent the next half hour ransacking my purse and my car to try and find that card. Thank goodness I was not on empty but just looking for a reason to not go home.. it happens. I can honestly say that this is the first time in all this isolation business that I have had this feeling. So the emptiness was inside of me and I drove home without filling up, I was truly ’empty.’

The thing is, you just don’t pop in on people anymore even if it is always outdoors (for me anyways). We need to take precautions and forwarn our unsuspecting friends and relatives. Going into stores takes effort and a mask and although I wanted to look at some plants, it was not worth the stress to me. I called to go visit out to my sons place but they weren’t going to be there at all. So it was that I ended up back home, kinda forlorn and discombobulated.. there it is again, and I used it twice!

Life seems to send you what you need, when you need it.. and that is when I opened up my Facebook Page and.. and.. there on my timeline was quite simply.. an affirmation of my life! I am still basking in the glow this morning as I sit here and write this. I accept a lot of things that happen to me, I have also learned to not expect much . This comes with age, and ya.. sometimes I wonder, have I made a difference in anyones life? Have I done any good, could I have done things differently.. well of course we all could have done some stuff differently.. but we accept it and live with it.. it is what it is..

It was a simple message with a few pictures, but it is exactly WHAT I needed and exactly WHEN I needed it as well. I am sharing this because I want you all to know how much this means to me. I want her to know how much it means to me. I want others to be able to experience this love and affirmation of our lives and what matters to us. If your mom or your nana or whatever you call her, is still living.. consider this for Mothers Day.  A little story or a note of something you remember or learned from her.. share it with her this mothers day. I promise you, this will be a treasure she will hold dear, and it didn’t cost you anything but your time and your love.


This is what she wrote

Whenever I see a crocus I think of you. It is said that they are symbols of Cheerfulness.




And Glee

I remember when I was little , you and I would go out into the field behind the house to find them.

As I got older it was a sign that you were coming home soon. To see me, “Maggie Muggins” as your old tangled house phone would say.

She used to be ‘Maggie Muggins’ on our home wall phone with the mile long tangled telephone cord. .. she is now ‘Meegan Sweetie’ on my smart phone. I usually go south for the winters, and return home in the spring..