paper plates and.. the girl that ate hummingbird eggs

images2RGYK450This was no ordinary girl.. she actually grew up to write romance mystery novels (I called them Harlequins and she said .. well I can’t repeat what she said, asked what I do, I told her I write a blog.. she replied nobody reads blogs, hmmm does anybody read harlequins I wonder.. aloud?)imagesO761Z6N4

This is another one  of the ‘Parkie’ people that inhabit this over 55 seniors park. She is married to a man that was born under a cabbage .. his words not mine.. hatched he said. How did this whole conversation veer off course you wonder .. well I was wondering that myself.

It started with my fire pit party Saturday night that one gal brought marshmallows too, ‘hummingbird egg eater’ said she had a dead bird on the road out front of her place and we could have road kill for next fire pit party. This led me  into a post on FB that showed goose eggs in a cartoon beside chicken eggs.

Do people actually eat goose eggs I want to know?  “Of course” a few of them chime in, “much bigger than chicken eggs”. This led to the size of hummingbird eggs and the confession from the harlequin .. oops.. I mean mystery writer that she eats them.untitled (80)

untitled (79)We are all in the Parkie pool , the day is perfect and we are having a lively discussion. How it came about that she ate hummingbird eggs is a mystery to me.. although a lot of them wear hearing aids, but not in the pool. I told her that her secret is safe with me because no one reads blogs as she pointed out.

The tales from the fire pit led to smoke (we managed to send a lot of smoke over the wall in the direction of the Chevron gas station.) .. which led to an even more bizarre story from hummingbird girl. 

When she and her lover (now husband or maybe they were married then too) decided on a romantic getaway, they decided to go to an ‘out of the way’ cabin in the woods up in Montana. She confided to me that she probably saved his life.”How so” says me.. innocently enough.. never suspecting the story that follows .images (92)

“Well I woke up in the night smelling smoke”, she tells me. “We had a wooden stove , no running water and we pushed a big log into the stove, before retiring for the night, which must have dislodged the chimney a bit,which was not secured properly”.  

She wakes smelling smoke and he says it is just the stove and to go back to sleep. she decides to investigate. What she saw was the ceiling glowing red and called him to get up! He then proceeded to help her onto the roof.. ya .. I know.. that’s my first thought too.. doesn’t everyone try and put out a fire by climbing up onto the roof of a burning cabin? I swear I am not making this up! but wait it gets better..images (93)

He leaves her, to run down to the creek and get a pail of water, while she tries to hack a hole in the roof around the chimney. Well the water isn’t working maybe he needed a bigger pail… or maybe he needed to run faster.. anyway.. he then leaves her there, to drive into town to get the fire department.

imagesHNQ60COOMeantime she runs back into burning cabin to rescue what she can.. ya I know.. doesn’t everyone run back into burning buildings? “Well what did you save” I ask her? “Well” .. says she,” I saved the most important things in that cabin!” which turns out to be.. wait for it..  paper plates!! I am thinking.. hmmm.. now she is making this up!

So the stuff she saves is too close to the cabin and she needs to move it further away because fire is so hot stuff is melting. Meantime the cabin burns down… did I mention this is not their cabin, but a friend of his owns it and the men go hunting there every year.

imagesAE0C25T6So he needs to phone his friend and tell him the bad news.. without any preamble (she is relating this to me verbatim!) he blurts out that they burned down his cabin.. omg.. the owner of the now, non-cabin says right away.. it was probably the chimney… but please tell me ..  “did you save the paper plates”?

No.. she is not making this up, and as funny as I thought it was, him helping her onto the roof, while he ran to the creek to get water..  the paper plates has got me baffled! Ok .. so it turns out that when they go hunting (25 years worth) they write down their kills on a paper plate and nail it to the wall! aaaahhhhhh now it all makes sense.. hmm… maybe.untitled (78)

Just another perfect day in Parkie-ville in the pool… her secret is safe with me because no one reads blogs.. right?



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