Cancel Christmas.. uh uh, let’s just cancel Covid

Omg, it’s here again.. the gift that keeps on giving, Covid.  I’m so done with this but apparently, it is not done with us.  You would think that two vaxes and two boosters would be sufficient to escape this deadly virus but.. it looks like more vaxes are on the way. Then flu season has to make an appearance as well.  RSV is also a new respiratory ailment taking a liking to small children and old people, go figure!

RSV got me I’m sure, although I don’t think there is a test for it, if my body could vote it would veto that dam virus. Lordy, lordy I was down for the count and please this is enough already. I don’t take too many chances but I am also not a hermit and don’t do well left to myself. I need socializing and being with others and, and just give me a break already. My mask is my ticket to get out and about and yes I wash my hands and use the sanitizer whenever it is available.

This virus will be either our demise or it will usher in a whole new way of life for us all. Not only are we vulnerable at home but taking trips to other countries is risky as well.  The war in Ukraine is still a huge worry for all of us living in the free world.  The unrest in Peru and other countries has stranded tourists and now we need to worry about getting back home when we travel to these places. Even China is having its own problems with covid running rampant and it could be another game-changer.  Here I am in the United States of America and yes, I feel somewhat safe but not totally. The news here covers a mass shooting every single week and sometimes several a week. No one is safe from guns here and that’s a sad fact.

Vaccinations are going to be a part of our futures and if we need them to stay alive so be it.  It’s the food supply I worry most about, ya think?  The vegetarians may have a leg up on this one because viruses passed onto humans usually travel through animals. I worry most about my kids though, I want them safe and not dying from something that is preventable. I think I am not alone in this but there is a growing resistance to vaccines and also masking.  Mostly it is the self-appointed superior know-it-alls that pass on disinformation on the wildly crazy side of believability.  A person here in my park informed me he knew for a fact that the government here and in Canada is covering up information from the masses. People getting the new omicron shots were dying, and within days of being vaccinated, he was deadly serious and very loud. (it is not true btw)

I’d like to say he is an anomaly but I would be lying, most here still believe the election was stolen. They also have a defeated former tv journalist that ran for Governor here saying she was cheated out of winning.  What keeps me here is the weather, it is sunny just about every day.  I have made many friends here as well, and yes, they feel like family.  Why can’t we all get along and just let go of racism and the “we were here first” mentality? WE WEREN’T here first, well most of us weren’t. Why should it matter anyway, we all want the same things in our lives. Who doesn’t want to have a better life for themselves and their families and what about peace on earth… sheesh.

So here I am in Arizona, thousands of miles away from my family, and our park is in the grips of covid, the flu, and RSV.  The perfect storm to sabotage Christmas, how sad is that? Sitting out here in the sunshine this morning writing this blog while listening to my favorite radio station back home in Canada is lovely but sad. The radio is playing a Christmas song ‘winter wonderland’ sung by Aretha Franklin. Omg, I want to cry, I am missing the snow from home, now isn’t that pitiful?

Here are my final thoughts this morning. Home is where we make it and right now it’s here for me.  I want the same things as most I think, for our own countries and our world.  I doubt I’ll witness peace on earth in my lifetime, but I sure hope we can come to an understanding that we can have our differences and still get along… is that too much to hope for?

Merry Christmas to me and all of you reading my blog, whatever faith you are, I respect that.  I am truly grateful for my life, my friends, and especially my family.  I will always stand up for what I believe in, and that is all I ask of myself.

copyright Dec. 22nd, 2022