and all that is not lost is ‘Takos and Beer’


My Sunday Funday blog
And what to my wondering eyes should appear?
Nobody touched me (darn, check out my last blogs), no lost balls, and no clubs left behind on the Desert Hills golf course in Yuma Az. but back at the clubhouse.. “and what to my wondering eyes should appear?” Eddie Guzman no less.. from Takos and Beer!
I met chef Eddie years ago while shopping at Smart and Final in Yuma Arizona. I am a retired CEO in the catering industry and this is my winter home. I still kept my hand in the food business and I was picking up a few things for a small event at our park clubhouse. I was also an Ambassador at the time, for ‘Catersource’ a big American company dedicated to caterers and chefs from around the world. They put out a monthly magazine and put on a yearly convention, usually in Vegas, full of amazing classes so we could learn everything about the food industry and how to grow our companies and businesses. I attended every year and was fortunate enough to expand our little BBQ company into a million-dollar enterprise. They made me an Ambassador because my passion for learning and sharing my knowledge with everyone and anyone that cared to listen, came so easily to me. (and you couldn’t shut me up.. lol)
Fast forward to meeting up with Eddie in the parking lot of that food store. Eddie was a private Chef for a home care facility and I was interested in what he was doing and he was interested in learning more about Catersource. He didn’t end up going but the following year when I returned to Yuma he opened ‘Takos and Beer’. Now all I want to say here is that this amazing Chef blew away the competition in that little building right beside Dairy Queen on Forth St. His food was not only deliciously and meticulously put together but presented with such flair that he could have easily taught classes at my beloved Catersourse convention, he is a natural.
I would touch base a few times with Eddie now and then and we would share ideas, once a foodie always a foodie. It is hard to break away from that and in fact, my friend list still includes many chefs from all over that I keep in touch with. The International Caterers Association forum keeps me up to date on what’s happening in the catering industry. One of my best friends is chef Nettie from Utah, she is a co/author with me on a series of cookbooks we are collaborating on. Our Too Lazy to Cook-Books will be on everyone’s list of must-haves (shameless plug here : ) in the near future, we are working on our Ukrainian one right now with all the proceeds designated for the people of Ukraine. This one will be donations only and near and dear to our hearts.
Okay now back to chef Eddie, a fine dining place here in Yuma called Jullianas is also now under his capable hands. Everyone knows Jullianas as a beautiful spot with patios and trees in a delightful quiet setting off of west 25th st. … they used to have exotic birds and peacocks roaming the grounds but not anymore.
My Golf Course (ummmm sheesh will you listen to me, lol) has a patio overlooking the greens and was a favorite place for my girlfriend and me to have Sunday brunches. I was never a golfer.. nor did I wish to be, famous last words eh? Well, I’m not sure what happened, the pandemic probably, but that place didn’t survive, and I was very unhappy about that. My foray back there once a week now for my practice golfing, only reinforced my sadness at losing such a great place to have Sunday Brunch. Being old has its perks, we can day drink and eat for no reason, well okay eating for no reason was always my forte.
My current drink of choice is a WooHoo or also known as ‘sex on the beach’ no wonder I love it so. And yes old people do still imbibe.. in both, sorry not sorry. Back to the clubhouse from my rounds of whack and miss, well I am actually hitting the ball more not less and I needed a drink. The bar was closed but, in walked Eddie Guzman, and what a delightful surprise. I am elated to find out he is taking over the food services and the bar. They are busy painting and renovating and it is all so exciting. Thursdays will now have an added bonus for me, I can pick up something decent to eat to take home with me. Sunday will be brunch on the patio and I can’t wait to see what Eddie has up his sleeve for this.
To my kids if you are reading this .. please send me money, my Canadian bankroll is worthless here, well almost. I will accept American money which is more than I can say for the same people here that denigrate mine. If there is a Canadian nickel or dime in our pinochle pot I always get blamed for it, it may or may not have slipped in there unnoticed by me.
Have a great day, and give the Desert Hills Patio a try, tell them I sent you, and maybe I will get a freebie..
December 16th 2022