Sunday Funday blog.. gingerbread houses (mine is snowed in)

Well here it is Sunday again and this week went by so fast. It seems I have been here in my winter home in Arizona forever, but it hasn’t even been a full month yet. My brother used to ask me “what do all you old people do down in the desert all winter?” (he is a whole year younger than me)

“We go down there and wait to die, what else would we do” I retorted.  I felt sorry for him having to stay in the freezing cold all winter.  I mean someone needs to keep the economy going while all of us old people escape to warmer climates.  It was minus -41 in Saskatoon last week. For the Americans reading this -40 Celcius and Fahrenheit are equal on the coldness scale.. brrrrrr. It is only -7 Celcius this morning there as I sit outside on my patio here in Yuma, the sun is shining down and all is calm.

This past week went by the fastest I think.  While waiting around in the sunshine to expire, I lost two golf clubs Thursday at golf.  Seems I need to put them back in the bag at the back of the golf cart.  Fortunately, a couple of gals drove up and asked if anyone lost any clubs, “those are yours” my golf mate turned to me. Well, my clubs are really, really old and very recognizable by that alone.

I needed to get a dress altered at the shoulder straps for a party we attended on Friday night.  As we age we shrink so it was either get it hemmed or shorten the straps.  At hand and foot on Monday afternoon my friend Carla mentioned they had two tickets up for grabs to the Christmas party at the Yuma Civic Centre on Friday.  It was semi-formal with a banquet and a great band. As we entered they had a professional photographer taking our pictures and presenting them to us right there. I wore my stunning ‘cougar’ dress, hoping to get lucky, lol.  As I sit here out on my patio/office waiting to die, I am remembering all the dancing we did omg.. the band played everything and I had so much fun. (oh.. and we got to take home SIX of the centerpieces, old people love free stuff) So I  took one and Carla took five and we donated them to our clubhouse decor.

While sitting around in the sunshine waiting for the grim reaper, we decorated gingerbread houses Wednesday afternoon. I had a brainwave on how to decorate mine.  We were imbibing on wine and snacks while working our magic.  Mine was the snowbound house which I thought was ingenious and left me lots of free time to imbibe and socialize with everyone.  While my Wednesday evenings are reserved for the Amazing Race and Survivor, I passed on a couple of events because they were way too early.  Breakfast at Eddies at 7:30 am .. I don’t think so, retired is NOT getting up early, I don’t care if the Queen was there (well she’s dead now) long live the King.. hmmm.

I almost forgot the block party on Sunday on the clubhouse lawn, it included barbequed delicious burgers and delightful hot dogs, well ok they delight me because I love a great blackened hot dog.  Obstenously it was put on to decorate our golf carts for Xmas but mine is dead and won’t be resurrected anytime soon.  No worries, everyone is invited to everything, and if food is involved all the better.  Not cooking is high on my list of things not to do while waiting around for the inevitable to happen.  I would sooner cook for 100 people than cook for myself, but I digress.  Most events here include nourishment even halftime at bingo on Tuesday nights and it’s all free :  )

I am on my second cup of coffee out here, did I mention the sun is shining and I’m listening to ’98 Cool’ my home radio station ‘Sunday Sock Hop’ with Vic Dubois and his son in Saskatoon Saskatchewan woohoo!

I have ‘Tuned-In’ radio and it’s free, old people are cheap but it’s starting to cost me a lot of money to travel down here and wait for the inevitable.  My Canadian money is not worth anything here and with the rising costs everywhere I may have to consider Mexico as a resting place.  At least I won’t have to deal with the changes in Celcius and kilometers and the cost of living there is cheaper.  But that is a future consideration and not on my immediate timeline.  My most pressing consideration right now is whether I should attend a Winters Eve Concert with David Arkenstone in the old historic downtown Yuma theatre on Wednesday or stay home and watch Survivor (the amazing race is over). A girlfriend can’t make it and I have been offered a free ticket .. ahhhhh there it is, FREE TICKET!

I love concerts, and even if I haven’t ever heard of this guy I have decided just now to attend.  It’s Christmas and I am free, maybe I’ll wear my cougar dress again, I could get lucky.. lol.

Have a fun Sunday and thank you for reading my blog :  )

copyright December 11th, 2022