Self exile.. are you ready?

Self Exile .. are you ready?

I think I am safe where I am, in my over 55 park in Yuma Az. I do have a lot of friends and family vacationing in Mexico and I think it is even safer there than here. I love my place here and the friends I’ve made, but this virus is scaring the hell outta me. The conflicting reports I’m reading doesn’t make me feel secure either.

It seems Mexico doesn’t have many cases of this virus and I could be wrong, but warm climates seem to deter this thing. Corona doesn’t like the heat .. ironic eh, I know you got it. I have to make my way home and that is going to be my challenge. I have no hand sanitizer and I’ve been trying to trade toilet paper for some, but no takers yet.

My home, in Saskatoon Saskatchewan is 1,730 miles (2,780 kilometers) or 27 hours driving time away. Pumping gas along the way I will wear gloves and I will not eat out. I’ll pull into drive-in places or buy packaged food if I need to. Making stuff to eat on the road will use up some of my stash here. I still have a months worth of food in my cupboards and fridge.

Sitting here on my patio in my robe and slippers will be just a memory soon. I’m so not ready to go back to snow, but neither am I ready to die from a virus gone wild either… so I will be super cautious on the way home. Once home, self isolation for two weeks is the protocol, or longer.

I’ve just started to wrap my head around that and so have people all over the world, I’m thinking. In my case I only have one channel on my TV and though I don’t watch it a lot, that was before self imposed exiles. Has any of you really thought much about this? The first week could be fine but what happens when cabin fever sets in?

This will be a true test of our stamina, those with families and kids will be tested even more so. This is not the time to be in a hateful marriage or relationship, hide the poison! Books could make a comeback and board games, well maybe not monopoly. I played it once with my Ex .. it ended badly with him wanting to trash the board littered with all my houses and hotels.. I made the mistake of offering to lend him money.. geez.

He didn’t much like any games unless he was in control or was good at it. I could never beat him in checkers though, so there’s that. This would be a good time to re-evaluate a rocky relationship. Separate the good, the bad and the ugly from the assholes.. oops my outside voice.

For those of you in love or lust even, well you will enjoy this down time in more ways than one : )  in fact, the more ways the better.. I know, this stuff just pours outta me sometimes.. sorry. Changing the furniture around always turns me on, and quit it already! So back to the subject at hand .. stuff to do in exile.

We can learn to cook from scratch again, that can be useful if the take-out food places close up. It will also be useful when the men run out of canned salmon, tuna, beans and cereal. Baking bread or buns from scratch will make you feel good about yourself, I promise you. I will include my own recipe here, it is really easy.

Write a letter to someone ‘snail mail’ even if it is only to your significant other. It might surprise you, the things that pours forth from within, when you write it down. I surprise myself all the time and yes, even my kids, a lot.. sometimes not in a good way for them… loll.

Write a letter to your older self and hide it. If you live through this virus pandemic and forgot where you hid it.. well it will be a nice surprise when you eventually do come across it. Make sure to put good stuff in it though.. no one likes a whiner, even you. Maybe put a wish or two into it. I know what I would wish for, and its not world peace, but it is a piece of something.. nice : )

Start practicing something different, but make it pleasurable. If you’re ragging on your kids or your partner, well just stop. Make your kids want to spend time with you, if not, then tell them you are going to give them away to a band of traveling gypsies (it always worked for me). Make your partner fall in love with you again, or leave.. life is too short my friends.

Spend this time to figure out what you do want in your life, or even who.. it will be time well spent.