Broome Australia.. beckons.. more Legend tales

imagesXJ4B24DQimagesUYFWZNN2Australia beckons us in and we wake early to cram in as much as we can on our first day in Aussie-land. No tenders today, we are docked but still need to take numbers and queue for the shuttle busses. All goes well and we make good time getting into this smallish but quaint town with a population of 40,000.

Broome sweeps (pardon the pun) away the poverty, overcrowding, and some of the more depressing sights we have witnessed in the last few Asian ports we visited. There is no overcrowding here and we breath deeply and take in the fresh air.

They say Australia has some of the most pristine beaches in the world and Cable beach just outside of town is one of them, I’m sure. The tide is out and you can drive a vehicle unto the hard packed white sand.. or take a ride on a camel, yes..  I said camels!imagesTO9445E9

We catch a look at them on our way back from the beach and it is such a stunning sight to see not one.. but two long lines of majestic camels one draped in magenta colours and the other in emerald green. They kneel down to let riders on them and they are actually tied together strung out one behind the other.

images (7)Pearls abound here thanks in part to Willie Creek pearl farm, we can never have enough pearls.. right? A high point of land called Running Waters has bores from which artisanal waters flow downhill into the ocean. If that is not enough to peak your interest, there are actual dinosaur footprints around here somewhere.. really?

imagesUCGL76HEChina town..  is another place to visit. What the heck is with all these china towns I wonder..  are they  everywhere in the world? Are there English towns in China? Maybe there are pockets of secret English people living inside China compounds somewhere dinking tea and serving tiny thinly sliced watercress sandwiches .. I want to see one those .

We slip into a resort for a drink and a snack  before heading back to the ship. This place has an oriental look complete with dark wood everywhere and a Buda. It also  has a pool surrounded by rock and waterfalls. This would be a great place to spend an Australian holiday, for a couple weeks.

Our initiation into Australia actually began when we boarded this ship full of Aussie people. We have taken a liking to these self effacing group of passengers.. The Aussies we meet are so friendly and gracious we like them very much, I think we have a lot in common. Their dollar is also in the dumps against the American dollar.. (that was just a little aside).

The couple at our table are from Melbourne, he is a retired British airways pilot and she used to work for Bill Gates. The fascinating thing that intrigues me is that they are all over each other. Second marriage for both and they have been together 10 years. I’m not sure why I find that so interesting.. maybe my obvious lack of finding someone for myself.

Besotted comes to mind observing them, and it gives me a pang of what… hmmm.. I am envious I guess. Love comes around how many times I wonder. Do we eventually get over some one we love, if they have died, is unrequited or just not meant to be.. is it possible to find love again?

imagesR4GOLLK0Ok now where was I.. oh right.. Australia. Our second stop at Geraldton is cancelled due to high rough seas. This ship is smaller so it can get into more ports of call but that means tendering ashore, and we need calm waters for that. Ah well..  another sea day and tomorrow we arrive into Perth.

Kangaroos and alligators and wallabies await us but not the great barrier reef … darn! BUT  maybe our Aussie mates will see us again on another trip to the other side of Australia and hopefully I can find some snorkeling places here in Perth.

To be continued..