Bare.. foot in Australia and birds that cry like children

The first thing I notice is bare feet… !!! Being a mom and a nana I want to scold these young people PUT ON SOME SHOES.. Oh my goodness.. Australia ! Did I ever think I would actually be visiting this part of the world?

Our hotel fronts the beach but what is it with so many people not wearing shoes? They are getting off buses in bare feet as well.. I will follow up on this if there is an explanation. We may have to start-up a charity.. send shoes to Australia’s teens.

aussie hotel2We have such a fantastic view of the ocean and the pool.. sometimes you just hit it right on. Lord knows how many searches I made and  the comments that I read as well.. every hotel looks promising until you read those comments. This hotel happens to be ‘spot on!’

We have fish and chips for lunch at a small storefront outdoor café across from our hotel. I learn an interesting and ingenuise way to get vinegar onto my order .. are you ready for this? The vinegar is in a spray bottle … omg… now why haven’t we thought of that? Would it work for oil and vinegar as well I wonder?

The fish is fresh caught mackerel from WA (western Australia) and deep fried in deliciousness.. we eat it with our hands (we carry wet ones around with us) having found no utensils anywhere. My goodness this melts in your mouth with flavor.. it is crisp with a thin batter that compliments the fish.

There is a bird that looks like a crow but sounds like a child talking to us and scolding us.. he wants our food. The owner of the place comes out and throws french fries at him … oh ya.. like that will keep him away. The bird is maybe ordering food to go .. and free too!aussie hotel 3

The night life is alive and well here and we stroll down both ways from our hotel looking for supper. The free food extravaganza we had on the ship is over and now we need to shell out money for our meals.

We have become much more picky or should I say a lot less picky..opting for ‘fish and chips’ for lunch and a burger for supper hmmm.. no more desserts for us. We settle on a place called “g’rilled” and we have the absolute best burger ever.

hotle5Everything is range fed, grass fed and from farm to plate. They give out bottle caps with each meal and you put it in one of three jars featuring the local charities (I opt for the children’s one, it has the least, while the old folks one has the most). Winner each month  gets 300.00 while 2nd and 3rd get 100.00 each .. brilliant idea.

The drinks here tend to run high, our happy hour in our hotel features 14.00 cocktails.. like really? what is the full price I wonder. Good thing we are not drinkers, I think.. but wait until breakfast comes around.

coffee1Breakfast is a stroll along the beachfront to a second floor glassed in restaurant/bar. I want a coffee badly just an ordinary cup of Java The menu has expresso , cappuccino , lattés and every kind of fancy coffee’s I have never wanted. Most are 5.00 or 4.50 for a small .. hmmm

After much discussion at the till .. seems most places you order what you want at the till and pay for it, then the wait staff delivers it to your table. I am trying to explain I just want a cup of black coffee. I get what looks like a third of a cup of espresso and a cup of hot water to mix into it. This satisfies my fix for coffee but not my longing for a good cup of coffee. This fix costs me 5.00..ah well..  cheaper than drugs I guess.coffee2

We have yet to see a kangaroo but we may get lucky today.. it is the queens birthday and we are going into Perth by bus and train. All fares are exempt today , we plan on tying one on. First it will be the Royal agriculture fair where the brochure has promised we can see pigs fly!

We are staying in Scarborough a beach town which is 40.00 dollars away from Perth by taxi. We plan on taking in all the cultural exhibits and hands on displays, not the crafts though uh uh. The ribbon roses are still fresh in my memory, where mine looked like a dead cabbage.

Ok breakfast is over and coffee is done, my travel buddy did a beach check and deemed the water just under freezing, but all the children are frolicking in it. I think she just went to check out all the buff surfer guys out there since early this morning.

next up flying pigs… to be continued..