blogging along.. Catching up on life

It has been a while since I have posted a newly written blog and I feel maybe it’s time to catch everyone up. Well, I know one or two peeps, btw that is the first time I’ve used that word for those of you reading my old lady musings.  Life has taken me through a few turns these past months.  The hardest was the death of someone I cared deeply for.  I’m not going to write about it here but I’ve been working on a piece and will share it when I’m ready.

We go merrily along or maybe not so merrily some days and that’s okay, except for us seniors.  We feel the need to accomplish something or at least make it count, well I do.  Doing nothing suits me occasionally and so on those days I do nothing and who really cares anyway?  Some can’t, well they can but they obsess over a bed not made or dishes in the sink, fortunately, I’m not one of those people.  Well, a new thing has popped up on my radar… our health!  A good friend five years my junior almost died last week. Damn, I didn’t see that coming, nor did she apparently.

It really is time for us to clean up our act.  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not advocating exercise and eating healthy.. hell no! It’s time for us to clear out all that important shit we have squirreled away.  That wrinkle serum I paid way too much money for five years ago, is lying in a back drawer after a couple of uses.  All the wrinkle stuff I bought that was illegal in Canada, but bought in Mexico, is another example of my optimism gone awry. The wrinkles are here to stay so don’t waste your money, you can use hemorrhoid creme and that works.. or so I’m told. The half lipsticks and barely used nail polish.  ALL THE MAKE-UP crap laying around in drawers .. I am never going to use them again, and that’s a fact. Do my kids really need to see all that useless paraphernalia and junk I found so fascinating that I had to buy it? Na…unfortunately that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Lying just below the surface is a paper mountain of every conceivable bill and receipts or, or magazine or article or damn, what is all that paper about anyway? It overwhelms me and defeats me so I just ignore it, but it will never go away, shit!  It used to be that I had lots of time to clean up my act but recent events have made me realize the time has come to at least start thinking about all this stuff I have crammed away in every closet and cupboard.  I don’t know about anyone reading this but my kids don’t want any of my Royal Albert China, hell.. it is just like new because I’ve hardly ever used it!  Some of it was even my nanas and I’m sorry but parting with it is just too painful, so my kids will have to deal with that.

I’m not going to beat myself up over all this stuff I accumulate because we can’t all be super organized and have a place for everything, type person.  Some of us are slobs and that’s the truth. We make up for it in other ways, I hide my stashes so my place looks decent.  We are witty and fun and we know lots of stuff about a lot of things because we have all this time to read books and magazines and watch news programs and Survivor and The Voice.. oh and Shark Tank also don’t forget Blue Bloods (be still my heart). The Pandemic only gave me more time to add to knowledge base .

Its not like I don’t do anything, I do a lot, I just don’t get paid for any of it…. yet. When our website gets finished our (Chef Nettie and I) Too Lazy to Cook-Books will be a priority and we will be taking subscriptions for this amazing one of a kind .. not your mama’s cookbook! We’ll be publishing and mailing a new one out every two months, and you’re welcome :  ) Trust me, you will want these, and you will thank us for making your lives easier.

So it is I’m contemplating my life going forward.  I need to clean up my act for sure, I don’t want my stuff to be a burden for my kids.  I want them to remember me fondly with laughter and joy.  I’ll keep the packages of condoms in my bedside drawer, I may be old but I’m not dead yet and I may still get lucky. My kids will laugh and say “well at least she practiced safe sex” na, I just didn’t want to get pregnant… lol.

the end.

copyright August 8th, 2022