and just like that! (Written before the demise of Roe)

And just like that!

The tears were totally unexpected and I couldn’t help myself.  Life has a way of validating my purpose here but what I’m desperately missing in these trying times, is a sense of hope for what’s ahead for us all. Watching the January 6th congressional hearings in the country south of us has me riveted to my TV.

I’m a proud Canadian but sunny Arizona has me for the winter months. I’m worried about what’s happening in the states.  Carrying a concealed handgun in New York is now Supreme Court approved and Roe Versus Wade is in imminent danger of being reversed. I personally think that four fateful years of a Trump administration has basically set us back into the dark ages.

Being buddies with Putin was hard to stomach, did that embolden Putin to invade Ukraine, I wonder?  North Korea is now making noises with nuclear missiles and will  China join forces with these despots? Make no mistake, democracy today is being tested everywhere.  Letting leaders get away with lying, cheating, and outright fraud has taken a toll on not only the states but also the world.

The big lie is finally getting its day in court and about time!

I hate discrimination of any kind and I hate bullies, but the thing I hate most is injustice. We are seeing it in spades with these January 6th hearings. I care too much I know, but I’m old and my main concern is a better world for my family. It’s when we quit caring, that creates problems.  It all boils down to this one sentence I think.

“When you see something, say something.”

The hearings are bringing forth all sorts of lies and cover-ups that are astounding to witness! Lady Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss, two of the poll workers in the state of Georgia, took the stand. Their only job was counting the votes in Georgia that helped give Biden the win.  It’s their story that made me cry.  They stood up and told the truth, contradicting the big lie being perpetrated by Trump. He used their truthfulness to destroy them and make them fearful for their very lives.

And just like that… when my tears dried, I felt a glimmer of hope! “Lady Ruby and Shaye Moss, I see you and I hear you and so will millions of Americans and the world watching these proceedings.”  Never be afraid to stand up and be counted, even if you are only one person. These two ladies are my new heroes and I think they are going to change the world.

copyright June 27