A new blog for a new day

It’s Saturday and I want to live again.  I picked up a cold at the lake from my daughter and I had forgotten how sick I get when these damn germs take me down.  My thoughts have always been that we get these setbacks to remind us to enjoy our health when it’s good.  I was taking my health for granted and starting to feel a little smug even.. well not anymore!

Our whole world is changing and not in a good way. Well, the exception is down in Trumpland, looks like that piece of shit is not going to lie his way out of this one.  I’m not going to skirt around this, unfriend me if you will. This one egotistical, misogynistic, lying, crooked son of a bitch (I tried to tone it down some because I have so many American friends) but let’s face it;  he is friends with Putin, North Korea, and who knows how many other despots?  Secretly stealing top secret nuclear weapons documents and who knows what else does not bode well for us here in Canada or the world for that matter!  This one man has set us back in time on every level. Honesty, integrity, and even good ole common sense have taken a back seat to his pontifical spouting, Jesus! He had a chance to explain everything but taking the fifth explains it all don’t you think?

I may rot in hell for saying all that but truth be told if it helps take him down then I’ll accept it.  We need to stand up to bullshit and criminality in the future and guard against corruption.  I love my country and my life and I’m a good person. I think most people feel as I do.  It is the pompous assholes that are not good people and value money and power above all else and will do anything to get what they want, they need to be locked up!

It’s like our health, we take it for granted until we get sick .. see, I knew there was a reason for this blog. I needed to take more precautions when I was at the lake, now I’m suffering.   So it is I’m blaming this post on my daughter. I’m usually more cautious when talking about that idiot that was in the Whitehouse the last term. He managed to bring dishonour to a whole new level and destruction lays in his wake. Shame on him and shame on those who support him still.  Ya, I am going to rot in hell for sure but so be it. I’m not wrong.  (and if it turns out he is a saint and I am wrong, then at least I won’t run into him if I am rotting in hell… a little humour eh?)

I am going to end this blog with this.  I get my information from reading and watching the news channels.  The Canadian news channels are spending an extrordinary amount of time on this story of the theft of top secret military nuclear documents and let’s be clear.. this is stealing at its highest level… threatening world peace.  The BBC is covering it as are the European channels.  Now, this could all be fake news from all over the world and if I am in trouble here then just know that I am invoking the Fifth Amendment for myself…  oh right we don’t have that here, ah well, we also don’t have Trump and thank God for that.