I don’t consider myself black but then does that make me white? I always just thought I was Ukrainian but I have never been to the motherland so why should I be that? My mom was Irish, so do I belong to Ireland too? Can I just be an earthling .. maybe?

I do consider myself a Canadian but I also live in the states part time am I part American as well? My grampas mother was French Canadian and maybe there is a part of France in me do you think? I wish I could speak French.

What am I anyway.. and why do we define ourselves by colour .. country .. or skin tone? Why are we killing each other, are we animals on the hunt for food? Are we killing for money or land or power? I am not going hungry.

How much power or land or money do we want if that is why we kill. Do we kill them before they kill us or are we killing them so they don’t kill someone else? Who determines who we should kill and who we shouldn’t? I don’t want to kill anybody.

What method should we use for killing? Bow and arrows , guns , bombs.. gas.. plagues or nuclear weapons? The world is getting smaller and we are getting bigger. We have weapons of mass destruction. I gave up smoking for this?

What on earth is happening to us.. we are not a third word country so why are we acting like one? Did Germany start out like this? Social unrest and then targeting Jewish people as the reason for all the woes? Please help me understand.

If Martians come from outer space and started picking us all off .. would we then unite to fight off the green ones? Should it happen that way and we succeed.. will we then live happily ever after? God I want a happy ending.

I’m rooting for the Martians .. we are turning into a sorry lot here lord..  maybe it is time to call in mother nature.

Climate change may be the final frontier.. beam me up Scotty!