Bad boy.. where are you now? I need a consultation.

imagesp0i4cjghHave you ever agonized over what you want to be when you grow up? Well that agony lingers on even into retirement. Re-inventing myself as an inventor is turning into a job, the exact thing I retired from.. a job! My mindset needs to be creative and once that part is done.. well quite frankly, so am I, or so it seems.

The challenge is what excites me I guess, it’s sorta like dating when I was younger! My much younger self liked the excitement and romance of a new man but once he was mine .. well the excitement was gone, and so was he. Bad boys were the exception, why is it some of us are suckers for that self inflicted pain?imagesfloam6v6

My advice on dating is this.. marry the nerd! Take interest in the smart ones cultivate the rich ones, and never sleep with the bad boys.. they will break your heart. My moms words are ringing in my ears right now “you can love a rich man just as surely as you can a poor one” sad part is.. who ever listens to your mom?

imagesywz1u47jHere I am, having a conversation with a friend of mine “what are you going to do when you retire?”. Consulting is what I would love to do, well writing is turning into my passion, but they don’t pay you to get ‘letters to the editor’ published.

We have legions of people populating Starbucks and Tims, signing up for exercise classes and travelling the world, they are retired. A lot of them are seeking stimulus or just need to be around people, and I am one of them. I am not into the coffee scene or aerobics but a casino has lots of people, it is safe and open until the wee hours, or so I’m told..images (6)

Being retired is kinda like when we were moms and stayed home with the kids.. we craved adult conversations and being around big people. On second thought it is not like that at all, I wish I could be that mom again.. and have that time back.

It gets lonely, well I am single so that doesn’t help, and retired. I do know this and will share it with you .. I would rather be alone, than be lonely living with someone that extinguished that love long ago.

imagesok17yjv0Second piece of advice I have.. if you don’t follow through on marrying the nerd or the rich guy.. marry someone that treats you with respect and NEVER let a man dis-respect you ever. Oh.. and remember, don’t sleep with that bad boy.. well on second thought, sleep with him but don’t fall in love with him ok, and never marry him!

Now where was I, sleeping with that bad boy still quickens my heart I guess, and why is that? Now that I am older and single again maybe I should look him up, na..  he is probably in jail somewhere or is divorced five times and has umpteen kids.. better to sleep with the memory.

Here we are, my friend and I.. retired and still wondering what life has in store. Consultant.. well, advice is free but how can we charge for it? Where do we find people that need our expertise? People that are willing to pay us huge sums of money, well ok any money.. so can I at least give you my opinion, it is free?images-126

How do we go about putting a value on what we now for sure, experiences we’ve been through and lessons learned? My businesses and life experiences run the gamut, some not  good (dating sites.. I could tell you stories), but exclude anything illegal.

A recent encounter brought my vision to consult back to life. This person is facing a situation exactly that I went through with one of my businesses years ago. In my heart I know I can save her money, relieve some of her stress and hopefully give her the confidence she seeks to pursue a new path.

norman-wright-jr-blog-jokeWhat do you want to be when you grow up? Do we ever really finish growing up..  when we die will we then be satisfied? God I hope not, let there be something for me to write about or at least consult which way I want to go, I wonder where bad boy will be..