Canada versus States

Canada versus States

Welcome to Canada, having access to abortions is not illegal here.  Make no assumptions though, we also value life and our right to choose what’s best for us.  We have paid maternity leave, child care, and seniors care. Free medical care anywhere we are, traveling or living elsewhere in our country is something we enjoy and appreciate. Our health is high on our list of priorities, as Canadians, we tend to live three years longer than our American counterparts and that gap keeps widening.

Immigration is part of our culture and we won’t discriminate if you would like to move here.  We will, however, ask that you leave your guns at the border.  The odds of you getting randomly killed in a supermarket or elsewhere in our country are very slim indeed if not non-existent.  Worrying about your children being gunned down in a mass school shooting will also be a thing of the past.  Gun violence in Canada is almost nil compared to your country.  Our gun laws are fairly strict as in most of the free world.

Prescription costs here are reasonable. I do spend winters in the States and I must say the drug ads for every conceivable ache and pain as well as one for ‘bent carrot’ are prolific.  These ads are rare here, and what a relief that is.  I was starting to have most symptoms, and the ‘could lose weight’ was tempting. The side-effect warnings that all included ‘could cause death’ brought me back to reality though.

Protecting yourself with a gun or not being able to afford health care are non-issues where I live .. we are also the number one country for the best ‘quality of life’ on earth (besides Disneyland) google it!

Canada versus States … I pick Canada for the win!

ps: Bring your Parka and winter boots, and throw in the skates as well. We will supply the hockey sticks and pucks!  If you like water sports and fishing, Saskatchewan has over 10,000 lakes, just saying…

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