who the heck is chef Rick Moonen?.. RM Seafood Las Vegas

images (41)I could see the puzzled look in her face as she turned to me and said .. “now tell me.. how do you know Rick Moonen?” Well I really don’t know him, but I have a new friend that does. But let me start at the beginning, because this is one of those stories that you need to keep track of who is on first?

Emilys friend (Emily is my friend) Chef LeAnne, was introduced to me only a short time ago, while at the Catersource (#CSES2016 ) conference in Las Vegas. She is this crazy, outrageous, loud and outspoken ball of attitude! I like that in a person .. I am only a little bit crazy, but I am working on it.

Chef LeAnne Notabartolo
Chef LeAnne Notabartolo

I liked her right off the bat, but she talked non-stop catching up with Emily, so I take a break and find a chair to rest my aching feet! This energetic ball of fire had this flowing Mohawk kind of hairdo that kept falling into her eyes. I like looking at peoples hair.. I owned four hair salons in my first life.

Turns out Chef LeAnne Notabartolo knows everything happening in Las Vegas. She knows every eaterie..  is a food editor and writes about all the new places where we can be parted from our money.. in return for sustenance (good or bad). You cannot miss or ignore her, she is in your face and in your space.. and you had better listen to her dammit!

Fast forward to last day of conference and a chance run-in with Chef LeAnne on the tradeshow floor. She has her glasses on her forehead and her hair is falling over them.. it looks like she has two sets of eyes.

untitled (25)
Mandalay Bay entrance to RM Seafood

Demanding (there is nothing subtle about LeAnne) to know our plans that evening (my daughter wants to see Michael Jackson Cirq’ show) she insists we need to eat at RM Seafood, it is right beside the MJ show at Mandalay Bay hotel.

Celebrity Chef Rick Moonen owns this restaurant and LeAnne goes to work on her phone, she is texting to make sure he is working that night and then making sure to tell them the three of us are coming (Emily, my daughter and myself). She even wrote down the name of the hostess! Where else but Vegas does this happen? check out her website www.goodforspooning.com she has a blog too!

Here is where it gets complicated, seems we are now obligated to go to this place to eat! We give a couple fellow caterers a ride back to their hotel and Emily is texting one of them, so I tell her to tell Emily about our supper and show plans.

Chef Rick Moonen I had to google picture

images (43)Are you still with me and do you even care? When I relay the info for our friend to tell Emily.. she got so excited I thought she was going to pee her pants. “OMG .. he is my Idol.. I have been following him for years” (secret stalker…? hmmm).

It is here that one of MY idols (sitting right beside me) asks me that question.. I honestly have no idea who the heck this Celebrity Chef Rick Moonen is.

Stuff like this happens to me quite often. I seem to attract crazies, and if you are one of them.. my lips are sealed! (we be soul mates)

We extend an open invitation for anyone to join us if they want. My friend ends up making a reservation there for us (Chef LeAnne said it would not be necessary on that particular night) as it turns out she was probably right but the MJ show is booked till Saturday.. no tickets for us. We ended up with nine of us going to RM Seafood for supper.

Did we get special attention.. yes we did! They even presented us with delicious quail eggs on toast for appetizers (on the house).. I can see a few of you cringing right now (I am not a food writer, sorry).

our quail eggs on toast
quail eggs on toast

untitled (27)The service was impeccable and the food exquisite . They looked after us and we were not wanting for anything. So, ok.. the price blew away what was left of my pension check. The chef came out after the meal and introduced himself and it was NOT Chef Rick Moonen .. sorry Chef LeAnne but wires must have got crossed somewhere.

Would I eat there again? If I am your guest .. then yes. But I have to say here that I would definitely go back for that quail egg on toast and that drink we had in a copper mug at the bar… omg, I am still thinking about it! (I reiterate I am not a food writer) 

untitled (26)on a side note .. every seafood dish is sustainable here.. meaning Chef Rick Moonen is not contributing to the raping of our lakes, our rivers and our oceans!! I really like that.. so all of you need to eat here .. the mussels from P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island.. my country ) were delicious! www.rickmoonen.com

Breaking bread with more new facebook friends at this meal was an unexpected bonus.






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