what will appear, my Sunday Funday Blog

So here it is again, my Sunday Funday blog. Having no idea what to write about, It seems there is too much going on in my mind.  My time here in the states has me paying attention to politics here.  The nominated speaker of the house going through fifteen voting challenges to be sworn in is kind of ludicrous.  My hope is that this country can heal itself and come together as one, but I won’t hold my breath on this one.

I have no idea what is going on back home in Canada (except for what comes across my newsfeed) I know it is not all roses.  My opinion is we all need to pay attention to what the people of Ukraine are going through.  There but for the grace of God.  Make no mistake about this, Putin is evil and I get sick every time I watch the news about what’s happening there.  We are fortunate in the west, why can’t we see that and come together presenting a united front to kick evil in the ass?

I can’t fix it and I guess that is why I despair sometimes.  Just be a good person for crying out loud, how hard is that?  How do these despots get into power, but more importantly, how do they live with themselves?  Where is this going to end I wonder, but one thing is for sure if Putin gets away with it who is next?  These are heavy thoughts I know but it is what is flowing onto my page.

Covid is also on my mind. I’m eligible for the next booster and also a flu shot BUT why am I fudging on this?  Well.. one thing bothering me is that there is a new freaking variant that is not included in the boosters.  Do I wait for that one to be included?  I’m also thinking the flu season is almost over so maybe I don’t need it.  Another BUT, why am I getting lazy bout masking?  Seems like everyone in the park here is vaccinated and boosted but many have also contracted covid as well!  What the hell, sure they didn’t end up in the hospital but still.  So here I sit on the fence taking chances with my life, which is stupid but I really do want that new variant to be included in any new booster I receive.

Okay, onto the weather, which is the favorite topic of everyone in Saskatchewan “do you think we’ll get any rain?” followed with “well the farmers could sure use some.”   All of you out there reading this know I am in sunny Arizona. You may be happy to note that my furnace has been on more times than not.  My whining to my kids or friends always causes them to be mean to me. “Aww we really feel for you mom, it is -40 here by the way.”  I haven’t even been to the pool yet and then another mean comment.  Ah well suck it up buttercup, I’ll get there eventually.

Sitting here outside on my patio writing this, I have warm slippers on my feet and a comfy warm housecoat.  I look like hell but no one ever pops in so I can do this.  Something else I have learned, friends don’t pop in unannounced here, it is not an American thing like in Canada.  I just want to do coffee with someone, anyone but DON’T INTERFERE in their football games, omg! The Vikings and The Warriors and The Panthers.. okay I think I made that last one up, anyways most here are football crazy.  I think basketball is big too but not like football.  Some do watch hockey but I’m not aware of them.

I’m listening to Cool 98 with Vic Dubois, and his son on The Sunday Sock Hop from Saskatoon and my mood is definitely getting lighter.  I just want to belt out a few of the songs along with them. ‘My boyfriend’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble’ love it/hate it, I don’t have a boyfriend. Ah well .. suck it up again buttercup.  And it is minus -16 C there and it is plus 17 C here, I just peeled off my warm fuzzy housecoat.

I went to a movie this past week, at noon yet, and hardly anyone was in the theatre, it cost me ten bucks American including the glasses.  Seen Avatar in 3D and OMG.. this movie is unbelievably beautiful and amazing and probably the best movie I’ve ever seen.  How James Cameron was able to make a movie like this defies description.

You need to see this movie.  If we keep destroying our planet we may need to find another to live on; hopefully, it will be inhabited by older good-looking hunky men (that was kinda sexist wasn’t it?) sorry/not sorry.

Have a great week, thanks for reading my blog.  I appreciate all of you and if I win the 1.5 Billion lottery here on Tuesday, I will send you all a ‘five-pound box of money’ (my dads’ favourite saying ).

copyright Jan. 8th, 2023