Over my dead body

Sunday not so  Funday blog


I am officially out of data.  My new Pixel 6a phone is not compatible on the VoLTE American network here and Sask Tel cannot help me. (Saskatchewan Canada) This is not going to be a fun blog at all. In fact, if I post it at all I will have to go to the clubhouse here and use their WiFi. My phone is made by Google.


Soooo… here is my theory on what the hell this is all about. I had a pixel 3 while here last winter. It quit working two months before I came home. Turns out they switched to a 5G network here and so I was basically screwed. The thing is though, I could still use my data, and I need that for writing. I bought a throwaway phone for safety reasons but found out a week later that I couldn’t call outside of the states! although my kids could call me. AND that was last year.


Fast forward to a month or so before I leave to come here again, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new Pixel 6a. My Pixel 3 was still good back home (it was only two years old FCOL.. for crying out loud). I even took it to my SaskTel favorite person in Stonebridge Saskatoon, AJ is his name, to transfer all my stuff.  Now know this.. SaskTel does not carry Pixel phones but AJ has one and so does another tech there. These phones are amazing and it turns out that the cameras are superior to what’s out there right now.. google it.


I bought a GOOGLE PHONE because it seems I am always googling something, ironic I know. I changed to my American phone plan (with SaskTel) once again, as I have been doing every year I come down here, no problem.


Fast forward, I’m here in the states and my phone will NOT take calls or make calls.  I get by for a week or so and then take it in to UBREAKWEFIX or something like that. They had a few Canadians in that week with the very same problem. They could not fix it or explain it to me but seems something was wrong with my SaskTel American plan. Turns out it was my Pixel 6a phone. It is NOT listed as compatible with SaskTel. (thanks for the heads up, hmmm AJ probably doesn’t even know this)


I get to the bottom of this with SaskTel online a week later and find out all about ‘voice over light’ VoLTE network. America apparently has switched over to a VoLTE network.  If I lost you don’t feel bad, this took me till now to understand it and I’ve been here a couple of months already. (to be truthful I’m still confused, I hate all this techie stuff) I’m hoping to save other Canadians some grief but I’m still pissed. So my theory is that VoLTE is another way for communications networks to make more money from consumers.


Long story short.. I could zoom and facetime and use Facebook messenger for calls to my family, and texting was good. I decided that was enough if I could do that.  I didn’t worry about making or taking calls. Until yesterday when I ran out of DATA .. damn!


Lordy lordy, technology is not cheap and phones are expensive. Phone plans and companies are so varied and let’s not even get into WiFi and cable and FCOL (for crying out loud) old people need phones in case they fall down! (hopefully with their phones on them).


My daughter taunts me with my refusal to ever buy another I iPhone. Do any of you remember when iPhone included an app in their updates so our phone’s battery wouldn’t hold a charge? Well, I will never forget it because I had to buy a new phone! It came out later what Apple had done and they made a public apology.. google it.


So I will NEVER buy another IPHONE … it’ll be over my dead body. If by chance something does happen to me before my data kicks back in, and you find my dead body.. just know this; I had integrity and, and, we need to stand up to these big corporations and do the right thing.


Put that on my headstone ok?


Copyright Jan 15th, 2023

(two more days til I get my data back)